Councillors take to market stall

Driffield Town Council came up with a brand new initiative last month, as they showed their faces on the town’s market on Thursday 24th September.

Cllrs Rebecca Fraser, Tom Lee and Joyce Fletcher manned a stall during the day to give locals the opportunity to give their views to them face to face.

“The idea behind the stall is to give residents the chance to represent their views to our faces, as we feel a lot is said behind our backs so to speak without anyone ever coming to see us with their concerns,” said Cllr Fraser.

“We decided as a group to have a stall but I think it was Cllr Amanda Croft who really pushed for it as she is keen to hear what everyone has to say.”

Cllr Lee stated; “We want to become more open and accessible. It’s a case of let’s go to them rather than them having to come to us. We want people to know that we are their voices.”

There seemed to be common themes amongst the majority of visitors to the stall, with concerns over dog mess, parking in the town centre and the state of the roads after the recent roadworks on Riverhead, Park Avenue and Highfield Avenue.

These are all concerns shared by the Town Council who are liaising and working with the relevant authorities to resolve these issues.

“A few people mentioned a few longstanding issues which we are always looking to fix,” continued Cllr Fraser. “We did however get a lot of praise from new residents to the area for the work we do which was quite pleasing and many declared their love for the new paper.

“We actively asked people’s thoughts on the reinstated town bus service and a lot were obviously pleased, with some even stating that they would be prepared to pay a small fare for a service if it meant not losing it.

“Other suggestions were made during the day and will be taken into consideration as we are always looking at ways to improve to town.”

After viewing the experiment as somewhat of a success, the councillors are now looking to make the stall more of a regular occurrence.

“I think it would be beneficial to try and make it more regular,” said Cllr Lee. “I think a monthly stall would be a good idea.


“Like I said, we want to be more open and accessible for our residents and this is a great way to do it.”

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