Garton’s Green Lane concerns are resolved

The Green Lane in Garton-on-the-Wolds that has been the cause of some consternation within the village over the past few years has finally been resolved.

Locals were outraged at the state in which the Lane had gotten into due to groups of four wheel-drive vehicles driving up and down the road.

After several meetings and discussions over the last couple of years, Chairman of Garton Parish Council, Steve Poessl, is delighted with the outcome:
“It’s great that it’s finally been sorted and I think it highlights the great work done by locals who have been fighting for the cause.
“I got in touch with local access forums who look after public footpaths and bridleways etc and they helped us a lot.

“The chairman of the Ramblers came from Hull to have a look and was thoroughly disgusted with what he saw.

“It’s not local people who have done this, it’s people coming over from Belgium and Holland, where it is illegal there so they have a website telling people to come to Garton.”
A regulation order and temporary ban on four wheel-drive vehicles has been placed on Green Lane and police have the authority to arrest anyone found trespassing.

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