Drivers urged to take extra care as winter weather draws in

Drivers in the East Riding are being urged to take extra care this week as temperatures drop and wintery conditions bring sleet/snow and ice across the county.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Winter Services spreaders will be out treating the precautionary road network with rock salt this evening before temperatures plummet.

As the week progresses the spreaders will be out around the clock to treat the network to ensure the roads are kept as safe as possible for the travelling public, who are urged, as ever, to drive in accordance to the prevailing conditions.

But rain and sleet expected tonight in the Wolds may cause added problems, washing away the salt and making the road surface slippery despite the treatments in place.

So the council is urging motorists to take extra care and is issuing advice to drivers to help them stay safe.

Mike Featherby, the council’s head of streetscene services, said: “Our gritting teams will be out in force tonight and over the next few days to make the roads as safe as possible.

“But because of the icy conditions and expected snowfall, drivers do need to take extra care, plan their journey in advance and allow extra time for travel.”

The council is issuing the following advice to help residents drive safely during winter conditions:

In difficult conditions, plan your journeys:

– Check weather forecasts and travel information

– Do not drive unless you absolutely need to

– If possible, tell someone when you expect to arrive

– Make sure you are equipped for your journey with warm clothing, food, a torch, a shovel, water, boots, a hazard warning triangle and a fully charged hands free mobile phone.

Driving on ice and slush:

– Drive slowly using the highest gear possible to avoid wheel spin

– Manoeuvre gently, avoid sudden braking or acceleration

– When slowing down, get into a low gear as early as possible and allow your speed to reduce using the brake pedal gently

– Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front. Remember, in these conditions it can take 10 times longer to stop than on a dry road.

Driving in winter sun:

– Dazzle from the winter sun is an underestimated hazard. Carry sunglasses to help reduce the glare.

Driving in fog:

– Drive slowly using dipped headlights or fog lights

– Do not drive too closely to the vehicle in front

– Do not speed up if the fog suddenly lifts, it drifts rapidly and is often patchy.

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