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ARMISTICE 100: Alyssa’s Remembrance poem to be heard around the country this weekend

Proud and overwhelmed is how the family of nine-year-old Alyssa Braithwaite feel after a poignant Remembrance poem she wrote has been heard at services around the country.

The Year 5 pupil wrote the poem entitled ‘Remembered Forever’ during a lesson at Driffield Junior School, as part of the school’s work to mark the centenary of the signing of the Armistice at the end of the First World War.

After her proud grandmother shared the poem on social media, it has received comments from people all over the country who have felt touched by her words.

The family were contacted by the father of British SAS soldier Sergeant Matt Tonroe who was killed in Syria in March this year, who said he had been touched by the poem and was to read it out in his son’s memory on Sunday.

This poem was also shared on the British Troops Remembered Facebook site and was announced as the winning poem in their national competition for under 16s to produce a Remembrance poem.

A video has been made using the words of Alyssa’s poem which has been shared more than 5,000 times.
Alyssa’s proud mum Katie from Driffield said: “We are all so proud of Alyssa and overwhelmed with how the poem has taken off.

“It all started when we went to Alyssa’s parents’ evening at school and I saw her poem, and commented on how lovely the handwriting was because I thought she must have copied it from a book.

“When her teacher told me she had written it herself I couldn’t believe it and was so proud I asked for a copy so I could show the family, and when my mum saw it she was so proud she shared it on social media and it has all taken off from there.

“We have been so touched by all of the comments we have received from people, and especially so from the father of Sgt Matt Tonroe who was killed earlier this year.

“When we found out that her poem had also won the national competition for a Remembrance poem we were so amazed and on the video on the British Troops Remembered site Alyssa reads out her poem and she dedicates it to Sgt Tonroe.

“We have been told that the poem will be featured in many Remembrance services across the country.

“I am so happy for Alyssa. She is a dancer and receives so much praise for that and so it is lovely for her to be recognised for something other than dancing.

“She has always enjoyed writing, although I didn’t know she could write poetry and she is really proud of herself.

“After seeing the video and hearing Alyssa’s poem, we have been so touched and it really makes you think.”


Another bomb, another kill

In the trenches I have no will

All we wish for is drink and food

In the hope it will change our devastating mood

I am in such agony and pain

At the wrong time, the Germans came

I am so tired I need to sleep

Before I start to weep

In the trenches it is not very bright

All we need is a light

When I first came

I was in no pain

But now I’m here, I cannot bear a tear

All we do is look at the time

But when we fight we are all combined

I am always covered in rust and dust

But between us there is a lot of trust

At home at night I will always remember

The fights that we did together

You lost your life to keep us safe

So we remember you on Remembrance Day



Poem by nine-year-old Alyssa Braithwaite of year 5 at Driffield Junior School


Poem by nine-year-old Alyssa Braithwaite


ARMISTICE 100: Driffield Town Council invite you to attend a very special service to commemorate the centenary

At 5:30pm on Remembrance Sunday, 11th November, Driffield Town Council, in partnership with All Saints Church and Driffield Churches Together, is organising a very special service to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War One.     The service will give an opportunity for the people of Driffield to pay tribute to those who gave their lives for their country, and in particular, the 131 men from Driffield who never returned.



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