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Humberside Police urge public to help tackle hare coursing

Hare coursing is reducing year on year in our area because of action taken by the police and the close working relationship with our rural communities.

Force Wildlife & Rural Crime officer PC Brandon Ward said, “We have done really well together to reduce hare coursing and I don’t want that to stop.

“As the harvest is now almost completed we want to remind our communities to report anyone who they suspect is hare coursing in our countryside.

Wildlife and Rural Crime officer Brandon Ward

“We have been out across the Force area in recent weeks carrying out patrols to prevent and deter criminals from coming into our area.

“Hare coursers often use old 4x4s and carry lurcher-type dogs in their vehicles.  If you see any vehicle being driven in a suspicious way in our countryside please call us and report your concerns.

“We have also seen a number of recent reports of illegal lamping in the area and this too is a wildlife crime we want to bring an end to.

“Poaching is a national wildlife crime priority and illegal ‘lampers’ are often involved in other criminality such as burglary and vehicle crime.

Wildlife Crime – Humberside Police

“We want you to report any suspicious activity to us, particularly in the early hours of the morning if you suspect lamping is in progress.  By letting us know as it is happening we can catch offenders in the act.

“Prevention measures should be considered by landowners such as preventing easy access by vehicles to land by using obstacles, gates and other barriers.  This is one of the most effective measures that can be taken to frustrate and deter these criminals.”

Please call 101 to report any suspicious activity – if you call us we will act.

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