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Shameless thieves steal 74-year-old’s £1,600 bike in town centre

A frustrated Driffield pensioner has slammed thieves who stole his locked bicycle in broad daylight during a busy afternoon in Driffield town centre.

Martyn Scargill locked up his bike outside WHSmith on Middle Street South at 2:08pm on Tuesday 25th October, returning to it just minutes later to find it had been taken.

Thieves brazenly cut the steel lock as shoppers passed by and rode off on the electric bike which Martyn purchased a few years ago for £1,600.

The bike is my lifeline for getting into town and going about my daily life.

Martyn scargill

CCTV footage shows one male appearing to scope out Martyn’s bike, before returning minutes later with an accomplice who cuts the lock and rides away in a southerly direction.

“I have left my bike locked up in various places in Driffield over the last few years and never worried about it,” he told the Wolds Weekly.

“I only left my bike for a matter of minutes whilst I was in WHSmith and came back to find the lock cut in two on the ground and my bike gone.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was in total shock.

“The thieves must have had some form of industrial tools to cut it, such as bolt cutters, certainly not something you’d be expecting someone to be carrying around town.

“I called the police to report it and then flagged down a police car which was driving by and told them about it and the officers kindly gave me a lift home.”

The electric bike was 74-year-old Martyn’s only method of transport and he used it regularly to make trips into town and to maintain his independence.

“The bike is my lifeline for getting into town and going about my daily life,” he said.

“It’s a fair walk into town for me, too far when I have shopping.

“I had to ask a friend to take me to a dental appointment in Hunmanby, as normally I would have cycled to the train station and taken my bike on the train.

“That bike cost me £1,600 around three years ago and I don’t have the funds to easily replace it.

“I’ve spent time on the phone to the police and insurance and it’s a lot of hassle just because someone can’t keep their thieving hands off other people’s things.

“Some people need to learn that you either pay for things yourself, or you go without.”

Martyn’s bike is a pale blue Forme electric bike with black leather panniers.

The theft was reported to Humberside Police, which has also been given the serial number of the bike.

A police spokesperson said: “On Tuesday 25th October, it is reported that a bike was stolen at approximately 2:15pm on Middle Street South, Driffield.

“Anybody with any information is asked to call our non-emergency number 101 quoting investigation reference 22*86017.”

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