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Bridlington: Woman pulled from the sea at North Pier

A member of the public, two PCSOs and two police officers were involved in the daring rescue.

Police were called at around 6.25pm on Saturday 4 March with reports of a 40-year-old woman threatening to jump into the sea close to the Promenade in Bridlington.

PCSOs Adrian Clark and Kerry Jones were quickly in attendance and discovered the woman in the water near the steps below Garrison Square. They tried to get her out the water, but she resisted their efforts and with dangerous currents they were all at risk of being swept out to sea.

They managed to keep hold of the woman until PC Hayley Hart and PC Charlotte Brown attended, both joined the rescue to get her out woman out of the water, when a member of the public – Mr Richard Welby – ran to the police’s assistance. Together the woman was pulled from the water.

The woman was taken to hospital for treatment and was fortunately unhurt and has received support from mental health professionals.

Following the incident Chief Superintendent Christine Wilson said: “The bravery show by everyone in this incident was outstanding and undoubtedly without their intervention the woman involved could have died. Mr Welby, who was out with his partner, showed incredible courage in the support of the police and we are incredibly grateful for his assistance. We intend to seek official recognition for his bravery.

“I would also like to take the moment to highlight the commitment and dedication of all our people. At the start of their shift they never know what they will face, whether it is responding to low level community concerns, serious crime or responding to an emergency where a life is in danger. ”

“As a senior manager, I am proud every day of the people who work for Humberside Police and their amazing commitment.

“Even after this incident, those involved shrugged off their heroics as being just part of the job. I hope this case and others like it remind the public of the fantastic people we have working across Humberside protecting communities, catching offenders and making a difference.”


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