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Big crowds expected as new £2.2m lifeboat arrives in Bridlington this weekend

Bridlington Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) volunteers are set to welcome their new Shannon class lifeboat on Sunday 12 November.

After months of hard work and preparation, Bridlington RNLI will welcome its new £2.2 million Shannon class lifeboat this Sunday.

The lifesaving vessel is being timed to arrive at 1:22pm to add a sense of occasion, as her operational boat number is 13.22.

The charity’s new lifeboat will be named Antony Patrick Jones in memory of a local man who bequeathed a substantial amount to Bridlington RNLI. This generous bequest mainly funded the lifeboat station’s new Shannon.

Antony Patrick Jones was an only child and spent his childhood and young adult life in Bridlington. He was a keen horseman and was involved with assisting in Riding for the Disabled. He also enjoyed swimming.

His late mother, Mrs Constance Jones, was an active member of Bridlington Ladies Lifeboat Guild.

Bridlington RNLI’s Shannon class lifeboat will be housed in a new purpose built boathouse.

The Art Deco style building replaces the lifeboat station on South Marine Drive which was too small and outdated for the RNLI’s needs.

Bridlington RNLI’s new lifeboat station was designed by long-established York architects Brierley Groom and built by Malton-based contractor Scothern Construction Ltd

The two-storey station offers the extra space required to house the new Shannon class lifeboat and launch vehicle. This means that they will be able to remain coupled together when not in use, thus speeding up the launch process when the crew is called out on a lifesaving mission.

Its location adjacent to the beach, means that the lifeboat will no longer need to be taken along the main road to reach the sea but will have quicker and more direct access to the water. The extra space will also mean that the charity’s inshore and all-weather lifeboats can be housed in the same building, as previously the inshore lifeboat was stored separately on Princess Mary Promenade.

Track the progress of the brand new Bridlington RNLI’s brand new 13-22 Shannon as it makes it’s way from the charity’s All-weather Lifeboat Centre in Poole, Dorset.
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RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, Keith Turnbull, said: ‘Naturally we’ll really miss our current all-weather lifeboat Marine Engineer but we’re also excited about receiving a Shannon, whose advanced technology means we’ll be able to reach people a lot more quickly and further off shore.

‘The arrival of Bridlington’s Shannon class lifeboat has been much anticipated. We really hope that as many people as possible turn up to witness what promises to be a truly historic occasion.’

Chris Brompton, Bridlington RNLI’s station mechanic, added: ‘Our volunteer crew can’t wait to start their new chapter of lifesaving with the Shannon and we’ve really enjoyed our recent training ahead of her arrival. The state-of-the-art vessel is 50% faster than our current all-weather lifeboat and this will ensure that those in need are reached even more quickly than before.’

The new Shannon class lifeboat will be named during an official ceremony next year.

Bridlington’s new Shannon class lifeboat Antony Patrick Jones and her launch and recovery system are due on station in this weekend when the charity’s current all-weather lifeboat Marine Engineer will reach the end of her operational life.

The Shannon class lifeboat:

  • The Shannon class all-weather lifeboat costs £2.2M.
  • The Shannon class lifeboat is the first modern RNLI all-weather lifeboat to be powered by water jets and not propellers.
  • Capable of 25 knots, the Shannon is 50% faster than the lifeboats it replaces, so ensuring that those in need are reached even faster.
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