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Two men rescued safely after fishing vessel sinks off Hornsea coast

'First Shout' for Bridlington RNLI's brand new £2.2M Shannon class all-weather lifeboat.

HM Coastguard has successfully co-ordinated the rescue of two men after their fishing vessel sank off Hornsea, East Yorkshire coast this afternoon.

Just before 2pm today, HM Coastguard received a Mayday call from two men onboard the 10m coble fishing vessel reporting that it was quickly taking on water, 6NM off Hornsea, East Yorkshire Coast. They reported that the water was covering the deck but they were going to attempt to make their way to Hornsea before the vessel sank.

The HM Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Humberside was immediately launched, alongside Bridlington RNLI’s new Shannon class Lifeboat and Hornsea Independent Lifeboat. Coastguard Operations Centre Humber issued a Mayday relay broadcast to all nearby vessels in the area asking for assistance.

A nearby fishing vessel responded to the Mayday and arrived on scene at 2.25pm and reported that the vessel had sunk 6nm off Hornsea and the two men were in the water. Within a few minutes they had the casualties onboard and reported to HM Coastguard that they were safe and well. The two men are making their way back to Bridlington Harbour.

The MCA’s Counter Pollution team have been informed of the incident.

HM Coastguard Senior Maritime Operations Officer, Ryan Douglas said: “These two men did exactly the right thing to notify the Coastguard as soon as their vessel started sinking. When heading out to sea you should always make sure you have a means of alerting us if you get into difficulty. We can never get time back – don’t wait for things to improve. You need to inform us as soon as a potentially difficult situation is developing – once things start to go wrong, they can develop rapidly.

“We recommend you carry a Digital Selective Calling (DSC) VHF radio fitted to your vessel. If your DSC Radio is linked to GPS, when you press the distress button, it automatically sends the coastguard your position which is displayed on our charting system. HM Coastguard is also happy to receive radio checks from fishing vessels if they wish to check their equipment before heading out to sea. You should always have a plan on board for ‘what if?’ and make sure everybody on board knows their part within the plan. In this case, we were able to respond quickly and get these two men safely rescued.”

FIRST SHOUT: Bridlington RNLI’s brand new Shannon Class all-weather Lifeboat ‘Antony Patrick Jones’


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