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East Riding GP wins Clinician of the Year Award 2019

East Riding of Yorkshire CCG is delighted that local GP Dr Tom Milligan won the Clinician of the Year Award 2019 at an impressive dinner ceremony on Wednesday 9 October at the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) annual conference in Birmingham.

The award recognises an outstanding clinician, a leader who is an inspiration to others, a person who demonstrates compassion and empathy, an achiever of change in their community.

Dr Tom Milligan is Primary Care Lead for the CCG and a GP at the Practice One Medical Practice in Bridlington with 6000 patients. As with many GP Practices nationally, Practice One faces a number of challenges including a shortage of GPs. Dr Tom Milligan works hard at implementing small incremental developments in processes that add up to a significant improvement, to help his practice survive and thrive.

These include improvements in:

  • The speed in which prescription requests are processed, the same day rather than lengthy turnaround times.
  • Transforming the waiting room with video information screens to help support and educate patients with self-care and signposting messages.
  • Doing research projects with the University of Birmingham to explore whether normal blood test results can be filed safely by non-clinical staff to save doctors time.

Dr Milligan has a passion for and understanding of Systems Thinking that he has shared widely. His ability to communicate with diverse audiences and inspire others to learn, share and adapt means all partners in East Riding of Yorkshire can benefit.

Catherine Dymond, Director of Planning, Performance and Primary Care said, “The CCG is thrilled Tom has won this prestigious award. It is testament to Tom’s dedication and enthusiasm at implementing new and innovative ways of working which help enhance the health outcomes of his patients.  He also works closely with his peers to spread good practice across other GP practices within the CCG area to improve their capacity to cope more efficiently with the increasing demands placed on them. We are extremely pleased with Tom’s success at the awards.”

Dr Tom Milligan said: “Over the last year I have grown as an innovator in the delivery of Primary Care. My interests still include practice safety and improvement in efficiency of delivery. When the NHS is stretched, we need ideas put into practice which can improve the amount of time Doctors can spend with patients and not doing paperwork.

“In the last year I have been working on projects which are applicable to the whole NHS. These include ideas around educating our local population about using the correct health services through video screens in our waiting room. Other changes include optimising the yearly blood tests for patients to reduce unnecessary testing for patients. I am also exploring ways our support staff can safely help doctors file normal blood test results. I would love it if these ideas can be adopted nationally.”

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