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Second call of the day for Bridlington RNLI

Bridlington RNLI were called to launch for the second time this morning (Monday 1 August 2023) At 10:49am the HM Coastguards asked the volunteer crew to immediately launch the all-weather lifeboat ‘Antony Patrick Jones’ as a call had come in that a fishing vessel had put out a distress signal.

The volunteer crew launched at 11:14am and headed out on what was expected to be a 19-mile trip out to the southwest of Bridlington.

Not long into the rescue, it was established that the signal had been sent in error due to a technical issue on the vessel and the ALB Lifeboat was stood down. The volunteer crew made way back to Bridlington and the boat arrived back to the beach at 11:53am, was recovered, washed down, and made ready for service.

Steve Emmerson, Coxswain, RNLI Bridlington said “Thankfully it was a false alert, and the fishing boat did not require our assistance. We were stood down not too long after launch. It was good to know that the volunteer crew was able to get the lifeboat into the water and underway very quickly”.

Earlier on in the day, just before 6am, Bridlington Inshore lifeboat was tasked this to a submerged van that was seen close to Sewerby steps.

Bridlington RNLI launched just after dawn this morning (Tuesday 1 August 2023) after a van was seen submerged between the HM Coastguard station and Sewerby steps early this morning.

The panel van, which was found almost fully submerged, was spotted just after first light this morning with the HM Coastguards requesting the immediate launch of the Bridlington RNLI inshore lifeboat (ILB) ‘Ernie Wellings’ at 5:49am.

The volunteer crew of three launched within 10 minutes of the request and were on scene at 6:10am to find the van submerged just past its windscreen. A safe search was conducted of the vehicle and it was discovered that the van was unoccupied. The HM Coastguard and Police were updated and the volunteer RNLI crew were stood down and returned to beach by 6:20am.

Volunteer Helm of the ILB, Ash Traves said ‘We managed to get the ILB launched this morning and made good speed on a calm sea reaching the van in 10 minutes. We made a thorough and safe search of the van and ensured that no persons were trapped inside’.

Video credit – Bridlington RNLI

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