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Mr Moo’s Milestone: 20 Years of Dairy Delights – A Sweet Celebration in Skipsea this Weekend

Mr Moo’s will celebrate 20 years of serving ice cream to the people of East Yorkshire with a weekend of special events at the café in Skipsea.

The popular ice cream parlour and café first opened in 2003 when the first customers came through the door to sample Mr Moo’s Real Dairy Ice Cream, including flavours that would go on to be award-winning over the next two decades.

Having started as a dairy farm home to over 100 cows, Mr Moo’s has grown into a place where you can not only enjoy more than 30 different flavours of ice cream and other sweet and savoury treats, but also embark on a farm walk to the beach and even stay overnight at Mr Moo’s very own caravan site.

Mr Moos, Skipsea – 20th anniversary

Locals and tourists visit Mr Moo’s throughout the course of the year and this weekend is set to be a bumper one.

Across Saturday and Sunday (29th and 30th July), customers will be able to take part in a farm walk ice cream trail, have their face painted, take home a balloon model and choose some delights from a special food menu.

Harry Foreman, one of the directors of Mr Moo’s, told the Wolds Weekly how the business is always seeking to make improvements, none more so than during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We started in 2003,” he said. “My parents moved from Beeford to Skipsea and were dairy farmers, with 120 cows.

“They diversified into ice cream and used their own milk. In 2005, we got rid of the dairy farm side after the ice cream business took off.

“I was at school at the time and when I finished sixth form, I joined the business and I’ve been here ever since.

“Over the years, we’ve grown and have always been looking to make improvements.
“In 2006, we added an extension that gave us more seating and we also have the patio area.

“COVID as a bit of a reset switch for us. In a way, we started again and since then it has gone really well.

“We created serving booths during the pandemic. The café was closed for people to sit inside so we built the five hatches and each member of staff had their own equipment to keep everyone safe.

“It worked well and without the pandemic, we would probably never have done anything like that.

“I had seen hatches like the ones we have on my honeymoon when I visited Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont.

“They had four booths, so there’s a reason why we have five!”

Mr Moos, Skipsea – 20th anniversary

As well as staples such as vanilla, mint choc chip and chocolate, the Mr Moo’s ice cream menu also includes new favourites including Blackberry Slammer, Cheekee Cherry and Ticklee Toffee.

The constantly changing menu means that there is always a flavour for every customer who visits Mr Moo’s, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

“We’ve got a great team who work well together and when we started in 2003, we could never have envisaged Mr Moo’s would grow as much as it has, especially in the last few years,” added Harry.
“We are always trying to evolve and make Mr Moo’s a better place for everyone who works here, whether that’s machinery or changing things around behind the counter.

“We are constantly getting new customers through the door and we’re in a perfect location, with lots of caravan parks around us.

“We open all-year-round, seven days a week, other than between November and February when we close on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Mr Moos, Skipsea – 20th anniversary

“Currently, we are making 35 flavours of ice cream. Among are the flavours are the standard vanilla and chocolate, but we also have plenty of different ones too.

“New for this year is Biscoff Cheesecake, which has gone down very well. We always try to come up with two or three new flavours every year and rest some of the others.

“We also create special sundaes and we’ll making some for our anniversary weekend.
“Some customers even have a sundae for breakfast, which I don’t understand, but each to their own!”

Mr Moos, Skipsea – 20th anniversary

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