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Ruts on Bainton green lane are up to a foot deep

The ongoing fight to preserve the Bainton Green Lane continues, with the current state of the land the worse ever seen, according to one parish councillor.

John Christie has lived in the village for almost 40 years and has spent recent years on Bainton Parish Council.

One of his main focuses during his time on the council has been preserving and improving the green lane close to Leafield Road, which has been decimated by 4×4 and off-road vehicles in recent years.

Ruts around a foot deep are now commonplace for hundreds of yards along the lane, making it almost impossible for walkers to pass along a stretch which is also part of the Minster Way.

One resident fell off and damaged his bike last summer due to the surface and has since been in contact with East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s public liability insurers.

“I dare not go up there in case I fall and cause myself a serious injury.”

John christie

However, more than six months down the line, communication has ground to a halt and the £1,000 mountain bike remains broken, which has seen the man threaten to sue the council for the cost of a replacement.

John believes that closing the green lane to all vehicles is the only way to preserve it and at least make it passable to walkers and cyclists.

He added that any costs which could cover potential repair work would be ‘enormous’.

“We have been fighting this issue for years, around 15 years now,” John told the Wolds Weekly.

“It’s not just Bainton which has an issue, as we’ve seen similar problems at Garton-on-the-Wolds and Sledmere, whilst I also read last week that the police are now involved in issues near Sheffield.

Green lanes around Bainton

“These 4×4 and off-road vehicles, for which drivers travel from a long distance away, are destroying these green lanes.

“Back in 2000, Bainton’s Millennium Project was based around the green lane and we planted hundreds of trees along the route, but not long after they were planted, a lot were damaged by vehicles.

“The problem is only getting worse and the lane is currently in the worst state I have even seen it.

“A member of the highways team visited last year and was staggered by the condition of it, but it has been made worse since.

“These people come at all hours, with people who live on Leafield Road noting vehicles arriving during the night.

“East Riding of Yorkshire Council has said that it will help us with restoring it, but the costs would be enormous, into the tens of thousands, and all caused by a small group of selfish people.

“The first priority should be to close it to vehicles and put enforcement laws in place to stop it.

“Then, the plan should be to reinstate the green lane to a condition which is at least passable for walkers and cyclists.

“I dare not go up there in case I fall and cause myself a serious injury.”

The green lane close to Leafield Road, which has been decimated by 4×4 and off-road vehicles in recent years.

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council confirmed that it plans to take action.

They said: “The council is aware of concerns expressed about the condition of Oldfield Lane and we will be engaging with stakeholders, including the parish council, on matters including maintenance and investigating what may be causing damage to the lane.

“We can’t comment on individual cases, other than to say this is currently being dealt with by the council.”

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