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Flowers for Estella, the ‘wonderful’ Good Samaritan

When Estella Nobles took her early morning dog walk on Bank Holiday Monday, she probably didn’t expect to become a Good Samaritan.

Estella embarked on her usual route towards Kings Mill and wandered around the Millennium Green.
On her travels, she came across a gentleman sat on one of the benches dotted around the green.

Having exchanged pleasantries, Estella said she felt compelled to turn back and speak to the man who proceeded to break down in tears when explaining some recent troubles.

You gave me the spark that I needed to start my life, you took the time to listen to my story. You are a wonderful person. Thank you so much.

message left on the thank you flowers

After talking for a while, the man told Estella that she had provided him with ‘a spark’ and motivated him to move forward with his life.

Estella told the Wolds Weekly: “I was walking my foster dog early on Bank Holiday Monday and saw the man sat on a seat on Millennium Green.

“We said ‘good morning’ to each other, but something made me want to go back and speak to him.

“Something felt not quite right, so I asked him if he was alright and he said he wasn’t and broke down in tears.

“He told me about some devastating news he’d had and so I stood with him and talked for a while.

“At the end of the conversation, he said I’d given him a spark and motivated him to get going again and move forward with his life.

“I told him that if I were to see him again, I would stop and have a chat.”

The story didn’t end there though. Posts on Facebook showed that the man had placed some flowers on the same bench accompanied with a note.

The note said: ‘Please read this. These flowers are for the lovely lady who stopped at this bench whilst walking her dog on Monday 29th August and asked me if I was okay. Then asked me again when I didn’t tell her the truth’.

It continued: ‘You gave me the spark that I needed to start my life, you took the time to listen to my story. You are a wonderful person. Thank you so much. I will keep the promise we made, I will sit on this bench and wait for you. We will share a smile xx’.

Estella said she did not take a walk to Millennium Green over the next couple of days and was only alerted to the flowers and note when a friend showed her the posts on 31st August.

“I didn’t have my foster dog after Monday, so I hadn’t been for a walk,” she explained.

“I was told about the flowers and the note and that they had been there since the morning.

“My friend said they were for me and that we should go and collect them.

“It was nearly 8pm by this point and I wasn’t expecting them to still be there, the flowers probably having been vandalised.

“To my surprise, they were both still there and I was able to take them home with me, which restored some faith in humanity.”

Estella, who has lived in Driffield for 15 years, said that she believes that having gone through difficulties herself in the last year, it may have subconsciously prompted her to help.

She added: “I have been through some dark times in the last year or so.

“I now live alone and sometimes long for someone to talk to.

“I have sat where he sat and would have been grateful for someone to ask me if I am okay, but it’s never happened.

“That is probably what compelled me to stop and talk to him.

“I have never seen that man before, but I had empathy for him and believe I have made a positive impact on his life.

“He had a sad aura about him that morning, but hopefully he now finds the strength to continue.

“I feel better about myself for having done it too and sometimes all it needs is a chat.”

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