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More of Driffield’s tributes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Mayor of Driffield, Cllr Mark Blakeston, said: “I am deeply saddened to learn of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“On behalf of the residents of Great Driffield and Little Driffield, I send heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family who are in our thoughts at this sad time.

“For the majority of us, the late Queen was simply ‘our Queen’ and certainly no one under the age of 70 has known anything else.

“In such challenging times, the loss of our steadfast monarch creates more uncertainty; but as the world comes together to remember Her Majesty, this feeling of togetherness is a reminder of the shared values she created – values which I know will be upheld by her son, our new King.

“Through her unwavering service and devotion to our country, the Queen created a special relationship with all of us dedicating her life to public service for more than 70 years, setting an example to us all and providing constancy in our ever-changing world.

“At this time of reflection, let us give thanks for her life and the many ways in which she enriched our nation.”

The Lord-Lieutenant of the East Riding of Yorkshire, James Dick OBE, said: “Our thoughts are with the Royal Family as they grieve for the loss of their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

“Her Majesty demonstrated extraordinary dedication and commitment to duty throughout her reign, both for her country and the Commonwealth, and did so with a graceful strength and admirable determination.

“She ruled throughout decades of change, from the dark post-war years through to the new horizons of the 21st century, providing essential continuity for the nation.

“This is a period of public grief, when people who do not know each other come together to mourn a national figure who, has been consistent throughout our lives and for whom we have collective affection despite not knowing her personally.

“Her Majesty has left a strong platform for the new King to build upon and to carry on his mother’s legacy but also to be able to move the monarchy forward with continuity making it relevant to today’s society.

“Our heartfelt sympathy to The King and members of the Royal Family for the very sad loss of Her Majesty, they will be in our thoughts and prayers.

“We shall look back in gratitude and look forward to offering our support and loyalty to The King.

“God Save The King.”

The Rev Stuart Grant, vicar of the Driffield and Langtoft Benefices, said: “Loss is always difficult, especially if that loss is something that has been with you all your life.

“Her Majesty had been our Queen since 1952. No one under 70 will have known any monarch other than her.

“Yet we now find ourselves in the midst of mourning Queen Elizabeth’s death and celebrating King Charles’s accession to the throne.

“It was only in June this year that we were on the streets celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, as she became our longest-serving monarch.

“One thing which became clear during the Queen’s Jubilee was how deep-rooted her Christian faith was.

“Before her coronation in 1953, the Queen asked the country for their support by praying for her. That faith has stayed with her during her reign, and she will have died with the Christian hope of resurrection in her heart.

“Resurrection is always a tricky subject to talk about.

“It sounds like something from a ghost or horror story, but it is the heart of the Christian faith. Christians believe that the life we live on this earth is just a precursor to eternal life in the presence of God.

“If we do wrong and do not ask God’s forgiveness, we jeopardise our eternal lives after death.

“The next days and weeks will be difficult for us as we mourn the death of someone who has been at the heart of our country’s affairs for so long.

“The Queen knew this day would come, as it will come to us all. Her Christian faith would have prepared her for it.

“We now have to look forward as well as back. We have to look forward to a different world with a new monarch, King Charles III.

“As Charles’s reign begins, let us embrace the future, whatever it brings and not yearn for the past we have lost.

“Give rest, O Christ, to your servant with your saints.

“Long live the King.”

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