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Brakes put on campaign to bring back bus between Driffield and Pocklington

A campaign to reinstate a bus service between Driffield and Pocklington has hit a road block due to a lack of funding.

As reported in the Wolds Weekly, the 45 and 45A services were axed back in April with operator East Yorkshire citing purely commercial reasons.

With the buses regularly full, East Riding of Yorkshire Council stepped in to fund another route, however a link between the two market towns remained absent.

This left residents in North Dalton and Warter in particular without a route between Driffield and Pocklington.

Outraged by the cuts, Pocklington town councillor, Richard Bryon, made a bid to have a service return.
This was backed by Driffield Town Council, whilst Cllr Bryon was also inundated with messages from members of the public who used the 45 bus.

Cllr Bryon also held a positive consultation in his home town and met with bus operators to see if a weekly service was feasible.

Despite companies willing to run the service, a subsidy was needed to cover costs of any trial period.

This is where Cllr Bryon came across the road block, with East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s transport services denying his request.

Cllr Bryon told the Wolds Weekly he was disappointed by the outcome.

He said: “Following a very positive consultation in the Pocklington area, I held meetings with local bus operators to see if a weekly service was feasible.

“Each of the companies I talked to were willing to run the service but needed a subsidy to cover costs for a trial period.

“I contacted East Riding Council Transport Services asking for a meeting to discuss the possibility of subsidising the service.

“The answer was negative, so no subsidy will be available for this service, even for a trial period.

“When I met with East Yorkshire buses, I passed on all the comments I received and stressed that the service was badly missed by many people, but it replied that the decision to withdraw was for purely commercial reasons and that it has no plans to resume the service.

“To summarise, overall the outcome of the campaign was disappointing, but I am exploring other avenues of funding for this service, and I will keep interested parties updated.”

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The section of the former commercial 45 bus service between Driffield and Pocklington was withdrawn by East Yorkshire buses in April this year.
“Passenger numbers on that section of the route were relatively weak.

“The council responded by tendering for a service that linked villages on the route with their local service centre of Driffield (service 145).

“In doing this it ensured that residents of these communities still had access to appropriate public transport provision.

“The council’s supported bus budget is currently fully committed, and no spare funds are available to support a service of the type that Cllr Bryon is proposing.”

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