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Jessica’s Hedgehog Hollow series of books reaches a festive finale

A top 10 best-selling author has released her final episode in a successful series of books which are set in and around the Yorkshire Wolds.

Jessica Redland’s Hedgehog Hollow books started with the release of ‘Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow’ in 2020, featuring the town of Reddfield, a fictional version of Driffield.

Such was the popularity of the first book, Jessica decided to write follow-ups ‘New Arrivals at Hedgehog Hollow’, Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow’, A Wedding at Hedgehog Hollow’ and ‘Chasing Dreams at Hedgehog Hollow, also all based on the Wolds.

The final instalment, ‘Christmas Miracles at Hedgehog Hollow’, has been released in recent weeks, providing a festive end to the series.

The book follows the build-up to Christmas at Hedgehog Hollow Wildlife Rescue Centre where, for Samantha and her husband Josh, it should be the most wonderful time of the year in more ways than one as they await the arrival of their first baby.

For Fizz, her job at the rescue centre is a dream come true, but that can’t be said for her love life and she requires the support of the Hedgehog Hollow family more than ever.

The book chronicles whether Samantha and Fizz find their Christmas miracle, bringing happiness with it in a story of love, family, friendship and hedgehogs.

“The Hedgehog Hollow series has been a huge success and grew into a six-book series,” said Jessica, who lives in Scarborough, or Whitsborough Bay as depicted in her books.

“It has been such a joy to write the Hedgehog Hollow series and spend my writing days with my head in the Wolds.

“I’m proud to be supported by Wolds Hedgehog Rescue who I call ‘the real Hedgehog Hollow’ and have had the honour of visiting the team there to help feed and treat hedgehogs.”

Following on from the Hedgehog Hollow series, Jessica’s 18th book, Healing Hearts at Bumblebee Barn, will be released in January and is also set on the Yorkshire Wolds.

Available on Amazon, the plot takes place at Bumblebee Barn, a home to animals and young farmer Barney.

Barney is struggling to find someone to share the farm with, but his life is turned upside down when he appears on reality television show to help farmers find love.

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