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Michael to take to red carpet for premiere of Three Day Millionaire

Not many films are given a world premiere in Grimsby, but a Driffield-born actor is set to take to the red carpet next week after starring in a film that was produced in the Lincolnshire coastal town.

Former Driffield School & Sixth Form student Michael Kinsey played a leading role in Three Day Millionaire, a comedy which follows three men and three women around Grimsby.

His character, Codge, is one of the fishermen who, after docking, spend their wages in three days, thus earning ‘Three Day Millionaire’ status.

Only after spending all their earnings do the group discover they will not be reboarding the ship, meaning no more pay packets.

With no money to their name, the fishermen plan a heist to bring in more money.

Michael’s acting career to date has seen him attend the world-famous Italia Conti drama school for three years and train with the National Youth Theatre, as well as appearing in several films and theatre productions.

The Grimsby premiere for Three Day Millionaire will take place on Friday 18th November, with a London screening the following week.

After first auditioning for the role of Codge four years ago, the 29-year-old is looking forward to finally seeing the film on the big screen.

“I’ve slowly been chipping away over the years and when you are an actor, because you are the product that you are selling, there is a lot of work to be done on yourself,” Michael told the Wolds Weekly.

“With Three Day Millionaire, I knew the director, Jack Spring, when he was a student and we worked on a short film together.

“We clicked and stayed in touch, doing more short films. Three Day Millionaire was four years in the making.

“I was attached to it right from the get-go, starting with an audition.

“With Jack directing it, I knew I needed to get a part in it and I went to town and did a crazy audition and was given a part.

“It’s been a labour of love and something I have been holding onto for a long time.

“It’s great that it will soon be coming to the big screen.”

Three Day Millionaire brought Michael back towards his hometown, with filming in Grimsby taking place over two ‘fun’ months, playing a character that’s the ‘life and soul of the party’.

He hopes that audiences will take the film, which has already received national acclaim after the trailer dropped, to their hearts and ensure it has a successful run at the cinema.

“I’m playing Codge, one of the main characters in the film,” said Michael.

“He was a wonderful character to play and I loved him to bits.

“Without giving too much away, he’s got an amphetamine problem and everything that goes with being an addict, but he’s also got this energy and sparkle that makes him the life and soul of the party.

“Ultimately, he just wants to be happy and focus on the smaller things in life.

“He’s very sharp and has an answer for everything. I loved playing him.

“Three Day Millionaire was all filmed in Grimsby and I was there for a good couple of months, which was good fun.

“The production team used lots of locals during filming and it felt really authentic and that we were making a movie about Grimsby, rather than glorifying it all.

“I think over 1,000 tickets have been sold for the Grimsby premiere, which is crazy, and three screens have been sold out at the cinema.

“That’s just great, because this film is for the people of Grimsby.

“The London premiere is the week after in Leicester Square.

“I hope it has a good run at the cinema, although it is a funny time for the box office.

“But if it finds its audience, people will go and watch it. It’s a wicked little film that’s packed full of heart that deserves success.”

And if Three Day Millionaire does enjoy a profitable run at the box office, Michael may have further offers to add to the busy 2023 he already has planned.

“I’ve got another three projects lined up for next year, although with film, you never know what’s going to happen as things change very quickly,” he said.

“I’m hoping for a busy 2023 off the back of this film. It’s a great opportunity for me.

“I’m filming in Hong Kong soon and then a film called War Chief is coming out, as well as another, Slippery Beast, which stars Bill Pullman and Tom Hollander.”

Three Day Millionaire will be in cinemas from Friday 25th November.

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