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An extra day for town bus service

Users of Driffield’s town bus have been thrown a lifeline after town councillors agreed to fund the service for an extra day a week.

After the popular 530 service was reduced from five days a week to two in October, Driffield Town Council and the Local Growth Team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council launched a consultation to gain the public’s views on the service.

More than 250 people responded with the majority (95 per cent) saying they were not happy with the reduction in the service and 72 per cent saying the change had caused a negative impact on their lives.

Respondents said they used the service to attend doctors’ appointments, for essential shopping and to meet with friends and a straw poll of businesses in the town centre also showed that the reduction in service was having an impact on the economy of the town centre.

North Holderness Community Transport (HART), which stepped in to provide a service for residents when previous operator BusKing removed itself one year early from its contract, said it had capacity to provide the service for one extra day a week.

The service is currently provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays and respondents to the survey indicated that they would like the service to be available on a Friday.

The cost of providing the service for one extra day a week until the end of August, when the current contract comes to an end, is £10,000.

East Riding Council (ERYC) has agreed to fund half of the costs and last week Driffield Town councillors agreed they would meet the other £5,000.

DTC external funding officer Fiona Turner is applying for an Awards for All grant to cover the costs and funds which had been budgeted to pay for the upkeep of the town centre Wi-Fi are now being covered by ERYC.

Town clerk Claire Binnington said: “Driffield Town Council has worked hard to find the additional funding from their budget this year to pay for the additional bus on Fridays, as we do appreciate how important it is and what an essential part of life it is to so many people in the town.”

The town bus currently transports around 100 passengers each day. The extra day’s service is expected to begin on Friday 6th January.

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The council is pleased to be able to partner with Driffield Town Council to increase the number of days per week that the Driffield Town Bus service operates.

“We hope the additional day of operation will be welcomed by residents.”

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