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Police: Report all crimes to us on 101

Police in Driffield are urging the public to report all incidents of crime or anti-social behaviour in order to help secure extra resources to tackle issues in the town.

Inspector Andy Beadman and PC Richard Metheringham from the Driffield Community Neighbourhood Policing Team attended last week’s meeting of Driffield Town Council, where they explained that the more incidents that are reported, the greater chance they have in securing more police in the town.

This came after questions about the numbers of police in the town and safety concerns were highlighted in the wake of a weekend of serious incidents last month and a longer-term issue of growing anti-social behaviour.

Do you still feel safe on a night out in Driffield town centre?
That was the question we asked in a poll in the Driffield and Wolds Weekly, following the anti-social behaviour and violence last month.
More than 1,000 people voted in just over a week and the results showed that opinions are definitely mixed, with the overall verdict changing several times over the days.
In the end, a very small majority of people (52.3%) who responded said they do still feel safe when they are out in the town centre, with 47.7% saying no.
What do you think? Send your views to or write to Letters To The Editor, 73 Middle Street South, Driffield, YO25 6QF.

The officers began by updating councillors with a breakdown of the number of reported crimes in Driffield in November, which included six burglaries, of which one was residential and the remainder were commercial; six incidents of criminal damage; 12 common assaults; six Section 47 assaults; two Section 18 assaults, eight public order offences and 1 stolen motor vehicle.

Insp Beadman said the number of reports of anti-social behaviour peaked in October with 41 reports compared with 14 last month, however he said he felt the numbers in no way reflected the reality and urged people to ring 101 and report the issues.

He said: “My biggest message to the people of Driffield and the Wolds is to tell us what is going on. If people report the issues, then I will have the statistics when I attend my monthly meetings with my boss to say I need more PCs, PCSOs or extra resource.

“I would rather have 100 reports of an incident than none at all. I suspect the reality is that the number of incidents is greater than what we have reported, which is why we need people to keep telling us what is going on.”

He added that the 101 system for Humberside Police is “head and shoulders” above those of other forces in the country and when challenged by Driffield mayor Cllr Mark Blakeston about the need to update people about the outcomes of crimes they have reported, he acknowledged there was more to do in feeding back when crimes have been reported.

He also stressed that Driffield’s CCTV System, which is funded by Driffield Town Council, is ‘superb’ with excellent quality images and is used regularly to identify perpetrators and secure their conviction.

Following questions about the monitoring of the system, Cllr Matt Rogers said he would raise the issue with East Riding Council.

He said: “Other principal towns in the East Riding have their CCTV systems monitored which is covered by East Riding Council and so I have asked if we can get ours monitored and that will make a huge difference because if an incident occurs and someone is watching it happen, officers can be directed straight to the problem.”

Councillors also stressed that they felt the levels of anti-social behaviour in the town had increased following the loss of PCSOs earlier this year.

The officers said that following the problems last month there has been a determined effort to get more officers into Driffield and they would continue to work with the local community to target problem areas.

To report a crime in progress or if someone is in immediate danger call 999. If you have witnessed or been the victim of crime, report it online or call 101.

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