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Residents fear heavy rain will flood their homes and gardens

Residents living in parts of Lilac Close, Bracken Road and Clematis Close fear their homes could be at risk of flooding after their back gardens have been under water for two weeks.

They believe the problem stems from an issue with drainage and have contacted East Riding of Yorkshire Council to investigate the cause.

Despite a relatively dry week, the water has not subsided and now they are concerned that a heavy downpour could result in the water coming into their homes.

One resident, who has a property on Clematis Close, said the problem started over two weeks ago.

He said: “We have a bungalow on Clematis Close and for over two weeks now our back garden has been partially under water.

“I pumped it all out and a few days later it was back again and it isn’t showing any signs of going down.
“Some of my neighbours’ gardens are even worse and have around a foot of water in them.

“I am sure that if any heavy rain comes then it will be the properties that will be affected.

“There is clearly an issue with drainage and we believe it emanates from a council-owned drain which runs down the side of the grassed area, which people use to walk their dogs.

“That drain is absolutely full of water and the grassed area is sodden.

“However, the stream which runs further down doesn’t have very much in it, so there is clearly an issue.

“I assume the pipe must be blocked.

“My neighbour told me that sometimes it does flood in heavy rain but it goes back down, so I think there may have been a partial blockage in the past and now it is a full blockage.

“Some residents contacted Yorkshire Water who have been to investigate but it is not their issue and so we have raised it with East Riding Council and I hope we can get it resolved quickly because for some people, if it rains heavily, they will be in trouble.”

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: “The council’s Flood & Coastal Risk Management team is investigating the issue raised at Bracken Road, Clematis Close and Lilac Close.

“Two officers have visited the site to check the drainage system in question. Following this visit, they have taken appropriate action and organised follow up works.

“The council will continue to communicate with residents and provide updates on this matter.”

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