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Once-in-a-lifetime trip for Scarlett

A teenager from Driffield is hoping that a visit to Africa to see animals in the wild will help achieve her dream of becoming a vet.

Scarlett Woolston will head to Namibia this summer, to spend two weeks helping at a wildlife sanctuary which cares for cheetahs, lions, black rhinos and elephants.

“I’ve been interested in veterinary science for a long time, but I know it is a competitive career to get into. I am hoping that going abroad will give me an experience that not many people will have done,” said Scarlett, 18.

“Like so many people I have only seen these animals in zoos so it will be fascinating to see how they act differently in the wild.”

Scarlett is studying biology, chemistry and art at Beverley Joint Sixth Form and says the work experience will help her to gain insight into the efforts being made to help preserve endangered species in Namibia.

She said: “I believe, we all have a responsibility to look after animals and keep them preserved from the damage we are doing to the earth, through global warming, what our past and current generations are doing to the diversity of animals by poaching and over-hunting and deforestation and mining which destroys their natural habitats.

“This work experience will give me the opportunity to learn how these wildlife sanctuaries are currently trying to prevent the extinction of many endangered species and how wildlife sanctuaries are aiding in this effort, so that I may in my future career as a veterinarian contribute to saving such endangered animals.”

She has been accepted to join a group called ‘The Great Projects’ and will be heading to Namibia in July
“At this sanctuary, they rehabilitate and home a range of endangered species that are targeted for poaching or often seen as pests to the local community, and help with the human-nature conflict.

“During the experience, I will learn how the sanctuary is run, how to prepare food for the animals, how to retain a positive quality of life for injured creatures which cannot be released back into the wild, help maintain the sanctuary and gain a greater understanding of how they prevent poaching.

“I will be keeping a blog of my time out there with updates and photos on a regular basis so that my sponsors can keep up with my experience while I am out there.”

Scarlett is looking to raise money for her flights, transfers, accommodation, meals, voluntary activities and a donation to the animal sanctuary she will be going to. She has set up an online funding page and is also organising fund raising events such as bake sales and possibly an art exhibition.

You can donate at https://gofund.me/93870152

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