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‘Something needs to be done’ about problem parking in town centre

Driffield resident Patsy Thompson has said someone is going to be seriously injured or worse if no action is taken regarding the parking on Middle Street North, close to All Saints’ Church.

Patsy said she recently saw a child nearly get knocked over as a car mounted the pavement and last week she saw a lorry barge its way through, damaging a parked car. She added a fire engine would struggle to get through.

The Wolds Weekly recently reported how a delivery driver had to wait almost two hours before he could drop off his load after cars parked on both sides stopped him in his tracks.

This was just one of several incidents that occur on an almost daily basis on the section of road between All Saints’ Parish Church and the Scout Headquarters, according to Patsy.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has told the Wolds Weekly that parking restrictions could be put in place close to the church if motorists continue to obstruct the flow of traffic by leaving their vehicles on both sides of the road.

Following our article earlier this month when the delivery driver was forced to wait for one hour and 45 minutes, Patsy has seen more near misses and a car get damaged.

Patsy told the Wolds Weekly: “With cars parked both sides, it simply isn’t wide enough. Both a gritter and lorry have recently had trouble or become stuck, a fire engine would most definitely have trouble getting through.

“Cars are also damaged regularly, and we had a camper van which was crashed into twice.

“The majority of vehicles drive off after damaging cars, with many not being caught.”

Currently, there are no parking restrictions on the road and Patsy said that she would ideally like to see double yellow lines painted to prevent further incidents occurring.

“Something needs to be done, whether its double yellow lines or bollards on the pavement. It’s getting very dangerous,” added Patsy.

“We feel constantly on edge, cars constantly honk presuming the cars parked irresponsibly belong to residents.

“Our peace is constantly disturbed. I really feel for those with young children.

“We always have to look before stepping out of the house as cars regularly mount the pavement. I fear that one day someone will be seriously injured or worse, just stepping out of their front door.

“We always keep our door locked, especially when we have our grandchildren. It is very frightening.

“Not long ago whilst walking home, I saw a car mount the pavement merely missing a child walking by. I shouted from a distance fearing for the child’s safety.

“I would hate to think I hadn’t done something about it and someone gets hurt in the future.”

Patsy and other residents have raised their concerns to both the police and the council. Patsy added: “I feel this issue has worsened over the past three to four years as more and more houses are being built nearby. This is the main road into town for many people.

“People assume it is the residents parking irresponsibly but more often than not it is visitors that park and abandon their cars.

“We have been told it is difficult to take action, as although the parking is dangerous, it is not illegal as there are no double yellow lines.”

Although East Riding of Yorkshire Council says that parking issues have been minimal on Middle Street North in the past, it is open to bringing restrictions in should problems persist – and if they are reported.

“Parking in this location has historically been self-policing with all cars parking on the church side, which allows for the clear passage of most vehicles, including HGV delivery vehicles,” said a council spokesman.

“However, the example shown (in previous photos) shows that one driver has chosen to park on the opposite side of the road in a potentially obstructive manner.

“The council has no record of any requests to install parking prohibitions in this location, however, if this kind of parking becomes a regular occurrence, then there may be justification for the introduction of some measures, subject to the receipt of a request and the relevant road safety criteria being met for funding and progressing a scheme.

“In the meantime, if obstructions do occur and cause an issue then the police should be notified as they have the necessary powers to act immediately to remove the obstruction.”

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