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The lights fantastic – amazing photo of the Northern Lights in East Yorkshire

Amateur photographers, including several from Driffield and the Wolds, were lucky enough to capture images that show the amazing colours of the Northern Lights, which could be seen all along the Yorkshire coast last week.

For two nights running, the spectacular natural phenomenon of the aurora borealis was visible across large areas of the UK.

This included North Landing in Flamborough, where Zoe Taylor managed to snap the superb green and pink waves.

The Northern Lights are normally only seen much further north, nearer the Arctic.

However, the rare display was one of the best seen for decades in northern areas of the country, whilst the spectacle was even witnessed as far south as Kent and Cornwall.

Early last week, a strong solar flare on the Sun’s surface was directed towards Earth, and those charged particles interacted with oxygen and nitrogen which then emit green and red colours over the poles.

If it is a strong solar flare, the charged particles can travel further away from the poles into middle latitudes.

Solar maximum is expected in 2025 and forecasters have suggested there will be more frequent displays of the Northern Lights in the next few years.

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