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Villagers say road ‘needs ripping up’

Disgruntled residents from Kelk are urging the council to take urgent action to improve the road running through the village which they say has been neglected for years and is now becoming a danger to use.

They say the route, which is plagued with pot holes, uneven surfaces and standing water due to blocked drains, needs significant investment to bring it in line with roads in neighbouring villages.

The poor road surface has resulted in damage to their vehicles with replacement wheels, tyres and shock absorbers being necessary as a result of the pot holes.

Despite the parish council raising concerns about the road, residents feel they have been forgotten and have contacted East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight for his help in the matter.

Duncan Lambert, who has lived in Kelk for 20 years, said: “The road that comes through from Little Kelk to Great Kelk through to Foston is absolutely disgraceful.

“It’s given way; it’s got potholes and when it rains it has inches of surface water because the drains are blocked. It is time it had some investment.

“I have been here for 20 years and other than putting chippings on top nothing has happened and yet I can get to Foston-on-the-Wolds and road is like the M1 motorway in comparison.

“When you drive through the village you have to surf your way through the best sections to avoid the pot holes and that shouldn’t be the case when we are paying our rates the same as everyone else in the East Riding.

“The verges are getting churned up because the road is not wide enough. The infrastructure is tired and worn out and needs some investment.”

Kelk parish councillor Andrew Middlewood said the road is the worst he has ever seen it.

“We had a walk through the village around seven months ago with an officer from Highways at East Riding Council (ERYC) and he said then that we needed a new road and I agree; it needs ripping up and starting again,” he said.

“In places there is only a car’s width of road that is suitable to drive on.”

The residents said they were further disappointed when ERYC released a list of 146 roads which are due to get improvement works this spring and summer and Kelk was not on the list.

Motorcyclist and Kelk resident Jon Peacock said he fears the problems with the road could lead to an accident.

He said: “I am very careful coming into and going out of the village and it is especially bad when it has been raining. I think it is very dangerous and I worry there is going to be an accident.”

Concerns about the number of HGVs coming through the village was also raised by Gembling resident Mark Pearson, who fears this will be unbearable if proposals for a new solar farm in Gembling goes ahead, and by Kelk resident Grahame Cooper, who believes that many HGVs pass unnecessarily through the village due to following their sat-nav systems.

Grahame said: “For the past 12 years I have been in contact with the council about the state of this road.
“My mother planted three rows of daffodils on the grass verge opposite our house and now there is only one row left because vehicles mount the verges, especially if two HGVs are passing each other, and the road is not suitable for this level of traffic from heavy goods vehicles.

“There has been talk in the past about a weight limit on the road with access for the businesses and farms.”

East Riding of Yorkshire Council said while it recognises the road requires structural improvements, it is unlikely this will be carried out until next year.

A spokesman said: “Subject to funding being available, we are hoping to carry out an improvement scheme on this road towards the end of the new financial year. 

“The road is not included in our recent list of roads to be surface dressed this year because we recognise that it needs more structural repairs.” 

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