Parking restrictions introduced on Beverley Westwood

East Riding of Yorkshire Council will be putting up signage on parts of the Westwood in Beverley, on behalf of the Beverley Pasture Masters, in an attempt to resolve the problem of all day parking in the area.

From today (Monday 4 January 2016), six signs will be in position on Westwood Road between the limits of the Gatehouse and the junction of the B1230 to Walkington, and two on Newbald Road, informing motorists that parking on the Westwood is strictly for a maximum stay of four hours, with no return within 24 hours, and that any person offending against this byelaw is liable to a fine not exceeding £500.

There will be a two week period of grace for any motorists caught offending, before enforcement is progressed.

Nigel Leighton, director of environment and neighbourhood services at the council, said : “There is an unprecedented parking problem on certain sections of the Westwood in Beverley, and there is a real danger that the much loved green pasture is turning into an all day car park..

The Westwood should be a recreational facility for all to enjoy, and we are happy to support the Pasture Masters in the interests of protecting the Westwood by taking a co-ordinating role in this work.

Allan English, Chairman of the Pasture Masters, said: “The problem has become worse than ever, with more than 100 vehicles parked there all day. This parking is eroding the edge of the pasture, and we have received complaints from the public about the damage, and the obstruction to the footpaths.

“I very much hope that these new signs and this new approach will resolve the situation.”

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