Broach Hill takes on the MG and SsangYong franchises

Broach Hill Garage is excited for the future after witnessing a successful first month of its new franchises. The Hutton Cranswick garage struck up a partnership with SsangYong and MG prior to Christmas

After over 35 years as a Citroen dealership, Broach Hill took the plunge to change franchise and haven’t looked back since.

“We’ve had very positive feedback since we became a SsangYong and MG franchise,” said Paul Jordin, dealer principal.

“These are very good brands and we’ve actually been shocked at the popularity of the cars, especially MG.

“As soon as a customer sees an MG they want to buy one. “It’s the right car at the right price, as you can’t say no to £149 per month for a new car.

A family-run business – Jennie and Paul Jordin, Angela Good, Neil and Jackie Staff.

“These are affordable cars but good quality at the same time and they have a seven-year warranty for a reason.

“A lot of customers come to us looking to buy a used car but realise that actually they can afford a brand new one.

“We chose SsangYong as a brand because they are the best in the pick-up class and have a history steeped in agriculture.

“They have been around in Korea since the 1950s and once people buy a SsangYong, they don’t change brands.

“Neither company will be affected by any no deal Brexit either, unlike the European competitors who will have to increase their prices which will hurt the customer.”

In October 2018, SsangYong topped the Honest John League table for consumer satisfaction based on feedback of over 10,000 owners.

Broach Hill Garage is now a SsangYong and MG franchise.

Broach Hill Garage was founded by husband and wife Tony and Angela Good in 1971. It began with a simple petrol and used car forecourt as well as a ramp and service work. The garage took on the Citroen franchise in 1982 and later the body shop, both of which were very successful. Tony and Angela had a 50/50 partnership in Broach Hill prior to Tony’s death last year, however Angela continues to own the business whilst working part-time.

The couple’s daughters Jackie and Jennie are company directors whilst their husbands, Neil Staff and Paul Jordin, are general manager and dealer principal respectively. Broach Hill Garage currently has 45 employees.

Broach Hill sales team – Sian Trulio, Steve Watson, Pete Murrey, Michael Browne and Ross Atkin.

Pete Murrey, Broach Hill Garage’s sales manager, stressed that it is still a family-run business as it was from the day it opened. “Lots of people may think that because we have changed our franchise, the company has been taken over,” explained Pete.

“Broach Hill is still very much a family-run business in the same way it has been for 47 years.

“Angela is still very much the owner and her daughters are directors, whilst her sons-in-law both hold prominent roles.

“Nothing has changed at Broach Hill despite the change of franchise.

“We wanted to keep our family brand with family values and affordability, which is exactly what we have done.”

The SsangYong pick-up with comes with an impressive 7-year warranty
Broach Hill Garage was founded by husband and wife Tony and Angela Good in 1971.

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