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Kathleen’s delight as level crossing gate repaired

After highlighting her concerns over the dangers of the pedestrian gate on the railway crossing on Skerne Road, Kathleen Roe says she is delighted that repairs have been carried out to the gate restoring it to full working order.

As reported in the Wolds Weekly, Kathleen had complained to Network Rail about the pedestrian gate which was so stiff it became almost unusable.

She said the elderly, parents with pushchairs and prams and wheelchair users were being forced to walk on the road rather than the footpath, due to the near-unusable gate.

She said the gate was so stiff that it only opened to a 35-degree angle, resulting in pedestrians having to put themselves at risk by walking on the carriageway, potentially brushing close to large vehicles accessing Skerne Road’s industrial estates and other businesses.

However last month, work was carried out on the crossing and now the gate opens fully to 90 degrees and is much easier to use.

She said: “I think it is only fair that having complained about the pedestrian gate on the level crossing on Skerne Road that now I express my gratitude for the repairs that have been made.

“The situation had been ongoing for many months and my greatest concern was that somebody would get hurt because they were being forced to walk on the road to get around the problem with the gates.

“Around a fortnight ago, work was carried out on the gates after a vehicle hit the crossing and now I am happy to say that the gate is much better and opens 90 degrees making it much easier for people with pushchairs and the elderly to use.

“I enlisted the help of Driffield and Rural ward councillor Michael Lee who also contacted Network Rail highlighting concerns about the crossing and thankfully improvements have been made.”

Network Rail told the Wolds Weekly that the recent work carried out at the level crossing was to repair the wicket gates and posts after they were hit by a vehicle.

Plans to improve the Skerne Road level crossing are still being developed.

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