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Rachel to March The Month for Prostate Cancer UK

Devoted wife Rachel Dinsdale will be striding around Driffield this month as she tackles Prostate Cancer UK’s ‘March The Month’ challenge following her husband’s diagnosis with the disease.

Dave Dinsdale, 61, was told he had prostate cancer in January after back problems forced him to see his doctor on New Year’s Eve.

Blood tests revealed the possibility of the disease being present and it was confirmed shortly afterwards following MRI and CT scans, plus a biopsy, at Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham.

Having conducted her own research on prostate cancer, Rachel came across March The Month on Instagram and decided to look into it further.

The event challenges participants to walk 11,000 steps a day in March, roughly five-and-three-quarter miles, a significant number of steps since 11,000 men die of prostate cancer in the UK each year.

A keen walker already, Rachel, 53, is confident of being able to reach the milestone and said she has been overwhelmed with the support she has received so far.

“Dave suffered from a really bad back before Christmas and reluctantly called his doctor on New Year’s Eve,” Rachel told the Wolds Weekly.

“His bad back actually appears completed unrelated, being a bulging disc, however if he hadn’t seen the doctor and had the blood test, we may never have found out about the cancer.

“Prostate cancer symptoms often go undetected for a long time and until Dave’s diagnosis, I knew very little about it, including that one in eight men will have it in their lifetime.

“We don’t know how long Dave has had it and will hopefully find out at his next consultation on 9th March.

“When I came across the challenge on Instagram, I wanted to become involved as it will help raise money for the charity, as well as help me keep fit.

“I’m a teacher at Flamborough Primary School and the headteacher has said that the whole school will join me for a mile walk around the field at 9am on my first day.

“Eleven thousand steps works out at around 5.75 miles a day, so I plan to go out before and after work too.

“I’ve had so many offers from friends and neighbours to come out walking with me, whilst James Iveson from Wolds Way To Health has offered me use of the treadmill if the weather isn’t great.

“Rob Murray has said that Driffield Health Hub will look to host a fundraiser too, whilst the ladies rugby team has said it will walk with me on Sunday 27th March.

“I am totally overwhelmed by the response I have had so far.”

Rachel set up the page on Tuesday 22nd February and within 48 hours it had already surpassed £1,500, testament to the popularity of Dave, who is president of Driffield RUFC.

Many of the donations have come from those affiliated to the rugby club and Rachel said she is amazed by people’s generosity.

“When I set up the page, I had no idea how much to set as a fundraising target,” she added.

“I went for £500 as I felt that it was a good amount to aim for, but it escalated so quickly and has really taken off.

“I am amazed by how much money has come flooding in and I can’t thank everyone enough.
“The amount donated has motivated me even more to complete the challenge.”

To donate to Rachel’s cause, visit: marchthemonth.prostatecanceruk.org/fundraising/mrs-dinny-is-marching-the-month-for-prostate.

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