Rudston’s Bosville Arms really is the hub of the community

When it reopened in April 2021 for the first time in nearly five years, the Bosville Arms was designed to be ‘more than a pub’, with plans to become ‘the hub of the community’ in Rudston.

And the shareholders who invested in the community-owned facility are certainly fulfilling the brief with several events organised to address social isolation, improve mental health and ensure people have the confidence to socialise again after the COVID lockdowns of the last two years.

People in Rudston initially came together in December 2019 to save the Bosville Arms as part of a share scheme that would create a social space for residents in the village and its surrounding area.

The pub is doing everything it said it was going to do and the shareholders are at the heart of that.

debbie sharp

The shareholders contributed around £200,000 and with additional funding and grants, the Rudston Community Pub Group’s dream soon became a reality.

With all COVID restrictions now lifted, the pub group’s committee has plans to expand its output of community events.

These currently consist of a monthly Ladies Supper and Social Night, which regularly attracts around 50 women from all walks of life and a Midweek Men’s group for the male members of the community to socialise in a safe and happy environment.

Debbie Sharp, a member of the pub committee, has been one of those organising the events and told the Wolds Weekly that the feedback from those attending shows their success.

“The pub is doing everything it said it was going to do and the shareholders are at the heart of that,” said Debbie.

“During the monthly ladies social, we have supper and there is a huge demographic of ladies who attend, from the elderly through to the young, single mums and people who have openly discussed their problems with stress and anxiety.

The monthly Ladies Supper and Social Night, which regularly attracts around 50 women from all walks of life.

“We’re really pleased that we’ve managed to attract such a wide range of people and not just those you would expect to come along.

“It’s been our biggest success so far and the people who attend just love it.

“They feel safe in a space where they can just be themselves.

“We’ve conducted two questionnaires, one on the first evening and another in January, and the feedback was that people enjoyed coming along every month because it got them out of the house and boosted their confidence after the COVID lockdowns.

“The Midweek Men group meets on the second Wednesday of the month.

“Currently, its attendance is smaller than the ladies’ event.

“It’s open to men from the village and the wider community and, although it’s been a bit of a slow burner, is now gaining momentum.

“The men enjoy a supper every other month, whilst at the alternate meetings, it’s a chance to chat and socialise.

“We’ve put lots of effort into getting both groups off the ground and as the year progresses, we hope to organise more events that involve the whole community.”

Debbie Sharp, Jayne Roebuck and Fiona Turner.

One of the first events will be a community tree plant in the garden of the Bosville Arms, which is taking place between 9:30am and 11:30am on Saturday 5th March.

Part of the Northern Forest project that aims to plant 50 million trees stretching from Liverpool to East Yorkshire over the next 25 years, everyone in Rudston and the wider area are invited to go along and mark a special occasion or remember a loved one or a pet.

Labels will be provided to write messages on, as will spades and trowels for those that do not have their own.

The aim of the planting morning, for which trees and shrubs have been provided by the East Riding Community Tree Planting Fund via a grant sourced and optimised by Rudston Community Pub Ltd, is to enjoy fresh air, socialise and renovate the garden so that it becomes a wildlife sanctuary and a meeting place during the summer months.

It’s events such as this that Debbie hopes to see more of in the future.

“We want to plant some trees in the Bosville garden and make it less of a field and more of a garden,” she said.

“Anyone can come along and plant a tree, with a label on it to remember a loved one, a pet or a special occasion.

“The feedback so far has been very positive and lots of people are keen to get out in the fresh air and get talking. Hopefully, it will lead to a community gardening club.

“I think the reopening of the pub has brought people together.

“The shareholders are proud of their investment.

“COVID has delayed some of the community aspects we wanted to achieve, as we were limited to what we could do, but over the last two or three months, the community work has taken off.

“There is a lot more to do but the foundations of a great community pub are there.”

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