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Rain or shine, it’s Driffield Trip Day!

Driffield Trip Day will celebrate its centenary next month when the annual event makes a welcome return for the first time in three years.

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that the annual pilgrimage that sees day-trippers from the Capital of the Wolds travel to the seaside in Bridlington was unable to take place in 2020 and 2021.

But with the world back to normal, Trip Day is back just in time for the 100th anniversary, with buses set to leave from Driffield School & Sixth Form between 8:30am and 9:45am on Wednesday 3rd August, when hopefully the sun will be shining on the people of Driffield and Little Driffield.

It’s absolutely brilliant to have Driffield Trip Day back, especially for our centenary year, which makes it that extra bit special

jolyon lawson

Records show that Driffield Trip Day took place for the first time in 1910 and, aside from the Second World War and, more recently, a worldwide pandemic, has continued thereafter as one of the town’s longest traditions.

The trip is open to any resident of Driffield and Little Driffield, and, before boarding the bus, all children are given £4 pocket money.

Upon reaching Bridlington, the trip-goers are free to explore as they wish, with most setting up camp on South Beach, whatever the weather.

Before boarding the bus, t-shirts and other merchandise are handed out by members of the Trip Day committee, who are planning a few additional surprises this year to mark the centenary.

Jolyon Lawson, part of the current committee, told the Wolds Weekly that despite two fallow years, the return of Driffield Trip Day was never in doubt.

“It’s absolutely brilliant to have Driffield Trip Day back, especially for our centenary year, which makes it that extra bit special,” said Jolyon.

“We hope that reflects on the day. We have a very keen committee and we knew that as soon as we could get back in action, we would.

“It’s been a tradition in Driffield for over 100 years now. The earliest record of the trip day taking place is 1910.

“We know that it didn’t take place during World War Two and who would have predicted that a worldwide pandemic would be our next obstacle.

“It was something that we knew we had to continue with for as long as we can.”

One aspect of the day the committee can’t control is the Great British weather which, despite Trip Day taking place in August, at the height of summer, does not always play ball.

But even on the most miserable days, the hardy souls of Driffield and Little Driffield are not discouraged and still travel in their hundreds to the coast.

It’s hoped that there will be a bumper turnout for the centenary, with Jolyon and the committee promising a few surprises.

Traditionally, the day-trippers are waved off by the mayor of Driffield and the Driffield town crier and this year, Councillor Mark Blakeston, the current mayor, will also be enjoying a day out in Bridlington, where he will be greeted by his Bridlington counterpart, Councillor Mike Heslop-Mullens.

“It’s a special year and we hope that the weather turns out well for us,” continued Jolyon.

“You would think that at the beginning of August, the weather gods are going to look kindly on us, but of course, you never really know.

“The weather certainly makes a significant difference on the day.

“If it’s wet and miserable, people don’t necessarily want to go and sit on Bridlington beach.

“Having said that, we do receive lots of support from businesses and cafes in Bridlington, who offer concessions.

“So, there is plenty for the trippers to do other than sit on the beach, but I think it is a day that Driffield traditionally takes over the south beach.

“Some of the people who go along have been coming for decades and we hope to see them this year too.

“With this being the 100th Driffield Trip Day, we hope to have one or two surprises in store.

“We’ve put together a merchandise package, with items such as t-shirts and hats for the children, in previous years and that will be slightly different this time around.

“We won’t be revealing too much about that until the day.

“On top of that, our mayor, Councillor Mark Blakeston, is going to travel with us to Bridlington on the bus.
“He’ll be coming along to the set-off point at the rear of the leisure centre to wave everybody off, before boarding the bus himself to be met at the other end by the mayor of Bridlington.

“Councillor Blakeston has told me that he’s very much looking forward to being able to go and enjoy the day as a Driffield tripper with everyone else.

“We think we’ve got everything in place now, although we have had to change our bus supplier, with Acklams replacing East Yorkshire.

“Fingers crossed for the weather, it will be what it will be, but people make the best of it, even during the miserable years when you wouldn’t even think about leaving the house, they still turn up and sit on the beach.

“Rain or shine, it’s Driffield Trip Day.”

Driffield Trip Day takes place on Wednesday 3rd August with buses departing from Driffield School & Sixth Form between 8:30am and 9:45am.

Those going along are told to use the Bridlington Road entrance to the school, via East Riding Leisure Driffield.

Children will be able to board the bus free of charge to Bridlington and receive £4 pocket money, vouchers for children’s rides and a special centenary goody bag.

There is no need to register. Children must be aged between three and 16, live in Driffield or Little Driffield and be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Adult return tickets are available at a discounted price. For more details, call 01377 241747.

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