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Horror as syringes found in litter at North End Park

A Driffield man was left horrified at what he described as ‘sheer disrespect’ after beer cans and drug paraphernalia were found at North End Park.

Beer cans and bottles, needles and syringes, as well as blue surgical gloves, were discovered on the morning of Wednesday 24th August.

The litter was in and around the disability-friendly sensory area created by Friends of the Beck (Driffield) who had converted a previously overgrown and underused patch of land that overlooks Driffield Beck.

I know that people used to use the old cattle market and behind The Red Lion as areas to take drugs, but now that those spots are gone, it appears they’re coming to the park.

david parkin

David Parkin, who takes daily dog walks through the park, told the Wolds Weekly: “I was completely shocked when I came across the mess.

“There is always a little bit of rubbish lying about the park, but this is a really serious issue.

“I couldn’t believe that people had left needles and syringes lying about a public park which is popular with dog walkers and children.

“Darren and his team from Friends of the Beck (Driffield) have done a great job turning it into a lovely area, but this shows sheer disrespect.

“Not only was there litter on the ground, but plants had been pulled out and there were even syringes in the beck too.”

David said that he also fears that this is a problem that is only going to get worse unless it is quickly clamped down on.

It is understood that the anti-social behaviour took place the previous evening and that police arrived around 10:30pm on Tuesday 23rd August to disperse the culprits.

David added: “I know that people used to use the old cattle market and behind The Red Lion as areas to take drugs, but now that those spots are gone, it appears they’re coming to the park.

“I honestly don’t know what the long-term solution for this is.

“You could always install additional cameras as a deterrent so that those responsible know there could be consequences, but I’m not sure.

“I’ve come across people acting in an anti-social way in the park before, but if you confront them, you just get verbally abused.

“I was told that the police came the previous night, but there were still the needles on the floor the next morning which needed to be disposed of safely.

“I fear for the new equipment in the park and just hope that it is used respectfully.”

Darren Baker, founder of the Friends of the Beck (Driffield), said he is ‘extremely disappointed’ with the actions of the ‘callous’ individuals who caused the damage at North End Park.

“On Wednesday 24th August, whilst on our way down to water our planter, we were stopped by a lady who informed us of some discarded drug paraphernalia next to one of our picnic benches, someone in the park said they were there the previous evening,” he said.

“Even though we were utterly disgusted by someone’s thoughtless action, we felt morally obliged to clean all four away into our sharps bin.

“The next day, another of our members found another needle and syringe in front of the gabion baskets and, as he didn’t have a litter picker with him, he returned the following morning to remove it.
“It was where dogs and children play.

“My personal thoughts are that I’m extremely disappointed that the drug users that seemed to appear following them recently being locked out of the derelict Red Lion pub yard, could be so callous.”

Darren explained that Friends of the Beck (Driffield) had reported the incidents to Humberside Police and Driffield Town Council.

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