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Driffield CE Infant School praised by church inspectors

‘A caring and compassionate school family where relationships are strong and everyone is supported to flourish’ is how church school inspectors described Driffield CE Infant School in its latest inspection.

The school on St John’s Road was graded Good in its SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspection which focused on the impact of the church school’s Christian vision on pupils and adults.

This involved looking at how effective the school’s Christian vision ‘Learn to Let Your Light Shine’ is established and promoted by leadership at all levels to enable pupils and adults to flourish.

Inspectors, who visited the school last month, noted that the vision drives everything that happens in school.

The report stated: ‘Children and adults ‘learn to let their light shine’ and dedicated leaders ensure that the established vision drives everything that happens in the school.

‘This is a caring and compassionate school family where relationships are strong. Everyone is supported to flourish.’

Headteacher Louise Callaghan said she was delighted with the positive outcome of the inspection.

“We are absolutely delighted with the outcome of our recent SIAMS inspection which shows that everything we do in school allows the entire school community to flourish.

“Inspectors noted that our vision of ‘Learn to Let Your Light Shine’ drives everything in school.

“Staff, parents, governors and children all contributed to the day and to the positive outcome.”

During their visit on 6th October, the inspectors spoke with staff, parents, governors and children about the school’s vision and observed lessons and collective worship.

In their report, they noted: ‘The new headteacher, established governors and staff can explain clearly how Jesus’ teaching in Matthew’s gospel informs their decisions and actions.

‘Governors are involved in the daily life of the school and are always ‘willing to challenge in a constructive way’. They recognise staff as ‘the greatest resource’ and make ethical choices when setting budgets.

‘A new, ambitious curriculum has been introduced this year and is shaped by the school vision. The school encourages hope and aspiration so that everyone can flourish through widening experiences and presenting good role models.

‘All children are welcome in this school and treated as unique individuals. Provision for those who have significant needs is exemplary. Bold, ethical choices are made to support the vulnerable to succeed and flourish.’

The inspectors found that staff, parents and pupils are fully supported by the school.

‘Relationships in school are strongly supportive so that adults and children live out the vision to ‘love God, one another and themselves’, the report stated.

‘Staff, including those who are new to the school, explain that there is a ‘sense of belonging and community’. They are supported both pastorally and professionally.

‘Children give examples of how they can learn to let their light shine ‘through helping and showing respect’. Their behaviour is good because they understand how to share and forgive.

‘Clear communication with parents is valued so that they feel included in their children’s education and holistic development.”

The report also highlighted the value of inclusive worship and the strong relationships with All Saints’ Church.

‘Biblical teaching is the foundation of carefully planned, inclusive collective worship. This helps the school community to appreciate and apply the school’s Christian vision and values in daily life,” said the inspector.

‘There are very strong relationships with and support from the local church and Christian community.

‘The new church school ambassadors are beginning to develop their role in and beyond the school.

‘Effective balanced religious education (RE) is taught through the new agreed syllabus and enables children to grasp key concepts in Christianity.’

To continue its development, the inspectors noted the school should continue to embed the new curriculum plans and the agreed shared understanding of spirituality, in order to deepen children’s spiritual development across the curriculum.

Inspectors advised the school should ensure that the implementation of the new agreed syllabus for RE develops children’s broader understanding of diversity within and beyond Christianity and further develop the role of the church school ambassadors so that they promote the school vision to ‘learn to let your light shine’ within school and also in the wider community.

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