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Residents welcome rebuild for ‘outdated’ Deira Court

Residents of Deira Court in Driffield were overwhelming in favour of plans to demolish and rebuild their homes.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council announced plans for the sheltered housing complex and shared the proposals with residents last week.

Deira Court, off The Mount in Driffield, will undergo an overhaul after a review into sheltered housing concluded that major investment was required to make some of the council’s sheltered housing schemes fit for purpose to meet modern standards and future aspirations.

Residents of Deira Court were in favour of the project, stating that some of the bedsits in the current building are legally too small to live in.

There are 41 flats in the facility and this will become 44 following redevelopment, with 16 two-bedroom properties, as opposed to one currently.

The new complex is also planned to have three storeys, an increase from two.

Residents also claimed the building is outdated, meaning several properties have remained empty for a long time.

Neil Leech, who has lived in Deira Court for a decade, welcomed the rebuild, and said: “This building needed a makeover, it’s very outdated,” he said.

“Some of the bedsits are legally too small to live in, whilst others have remained empty as it has nothing to attract new residents.

“It’s not fit for purpose, but after the meeting we had with staff from the council, everyone was very positive.

“The flats are going to be bigger and it has opened the possibility for couples to live here too.

“We’ve been told everything will be more energy efficient too, meaning it will be cheaper for residents too, which is obviously a good thing.

“You have to give credit to the council, who has gone out of its way to help people.”

All existing tenants are being offered practical and financial support over the next couple of years whilst the planning, demolition and rebuild take place.

They will also have first refusal on the new properties.

A full planning application has yet to be submitted, however, it is expected to be up to a year before any approval is given and another 12 months after that until residents could return.

Former Driffield town mayor, Margaret Killen, has lived at Deira Court since the turn of the century.
She also welcomed the changes and the way residents have been kept informed.

Margaret said: “We were all invited to the meeting last Monday morning, which most of us attended.
“We had an inkling that it would be about the future of Deira Court but didn’t fully know.

“The plans haven’t been submitted yet, but the presentation was very informative and the council staff spent time answering our questions.”

Another resident happy with the rebuild is Cathy Hales, however, she had reservations about where she will live in the meantime.

She said: “I only came here as a temporary measure in 2011, but I’ve been here ever since.

“However, I’m very happy here and look forward to coming back when it’s finished.

“The only issue for me is where we are going to live whilst the redevelopment is ongoing.

“We were given a list of properties to look at where we would be happy to live.

“For most, especially those with mobility issues, they need to be in Driffield or on a bus route, but sadly we’ve also lost the Driffield town bus three days a week recently too.”

The council says the new scheme will have a mixture of one-and-two-bedroom flats with generous open-plan layouts.

These will be adaptable to meet residents’ needs as they age, thereby helping them to live independently for longer.

There will also be a communal resident lounge for social activities and the scheme will be fitted out with the latest digital telecare equipment connected to the council’s ‘Lifeline’ support service.

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