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Plans submitted for Little Driffield housing despite objections

A housing association has submitted plans to build a new estate of 16 affordable homes next to Driffield bypass.

Broadacres Housing Association is pressing ahead with its proposed development off York Road in Little Driffield, despite some negative feedback when it carried out a public consultation earlier this year.

The plans are for 10 two-bedroom and six three-bedroom properties, aimed at being affordable and marketed at local people looking to buy or rent.

However, the majority of the 48 comments collated as part of the consultation have objected to the scheme, raising issues such as drainage problems, a lack of shops and facilities for families close by and an over-development of the village.

“To even consider development of this kind in this area should be considered criminal,” said one respondent.

Another said it would be ‘totally wrong and out of place and is going to do nothing other than totally ruin what is a beautiful little village by attracting the wrong sort of people’.

Plans to convert the greenfield site into a car wash were thrown out in 2017 after objections from residents and Driffield Town Council, but the new project does not appear to have any more support locally.

Little Driffield is said to be one of only a handful of villages in the East Riding without any form of council houses or housing association properties.

Broadacres Housing Association, which is based in Northallerton, says in a statement attached to its planning application: “The proposed development is of a scale and design which will fit well into the community, reflecting the residential nature of the local community.

“The proposal is for eight affordable rented homes, six low-cost home ownership homes and two open market homes.

“The two market properties are required to cross-subsidise the affordable properties due to the high costs of development in this location.”

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