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Santa Claus is coming to town – when is he visiting your street?

The popular tradition of Santa’s Sleigh Run around Driffield will make a welcome return this week with organisers promising it will be bigger and better this year with more routes added.

Driffield Agricultural Society took over the reins of the annual Christmas event, which raises thousands of pounds to support young people in further education, last year.

Previously run by The Rotary Club of Driffield, which folded last year due to dwindling membership, the sleigh run sees Father Christmas and his merry band of volunteers make their way around the streets of Driffield on board the sleigh, accompanied by festive music.

The collection raises money for bursaries for students in Driffield and the surrounding area to support them through further education.

The bursaries are given to students studying medicine, agriculture, joinery and music.

After the decision was made to disband the Rotary Club, Driffield Agricultural Society took over the running of the Santa Run last year to ensure that young people in the area continue to benefit from the grant fund.

David Tite, chief executive of Driffield Agricultural Society, said: “We felt it was really important to keep this important Driffield tradition alive and to ensure that the bursaries, which support young people in the YO25 area, were not lost.

“As well as the four bursaries, we were also able to send two people on the Rotary Club Youth Leadership programme, which gives young people hands-on challenges to grow a variety of skills.”

Following last year’s Santa Run, a number of changes have been made this year to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible.

Graham Hadfield, who is organising the Santa Run alongside Chris Morris, told the Wolds Weekly: “This year we have added two additional nights to the run to ensure we can visit as many houses as possible.
“The town has grown so much and last year we were finishing the routes too late which wasn’t fair for the children or for our volunteers.

“We plan to set off on Wednesday 7th December and are scheduled to finish on 15th, however we do have the 16th as a contingency if the weather is particularly bad one night.

“We have a fantastic group of volunteers who help every year and we simply would not be able to do this without their help.

“This is a long-standing Driffield tradition and when you see the faces of the children when they meet Santa and indeed the faces of their parents and grandparents who have seen the tradition for years, it makes it so worthwhile.”

Driffield Agricultural Society’s David Tite, Graham Hadfield, Frank O’Neil, Mike Phillips and Tim Goodyear

As well as the nine routes, Santa and his sleigh will also be visiting Driffield CE Infant School, Driffield Northfield Infant School, Kings Mill School and Riding for the Disabled.

David added: “I would like to thank Graham and Chris for leading on this and all of our volunteers and we look forward to seeing everyone along the routes again this year.”

● Wednesday 7th December – Start at Cross Hill car park and Santa will visit Victoria Road, York Road, Spellowgate, Whitelands, Yorklands, Copse Mead, Armistice Park, North Street (part), Westgate.

● Thursday 8th December – Start at entrance to Sycamore Park and Santa will visit Sycamore Park, Long Lane, Mortimer Park (Nalton Drive), Park Avenue, Highfield Avenue.

● Friday 9th December – Start at Cross Hill car park and Santa will visit St John’s Road, Beverley Road (part), Bracken Road to Briar Garth, Duncombe Drive, Woldholme Avenue, Wold View Road South, The Horseshoe, Wold View Road North, Spencers Way.

● Saturday 10th December – Start at Alfred Bean Hospital car park and Santa will visit Bridlington Road (north side), Fieldfare Estate, Berriman Drive, Slayersdale, Welbourn Gardens, Tasker Close, Milner Avenue, Horner Garth, Kirk Dene, The Ridings, Meadowcroft Drive.

● Sunday 11th December – Start at Cross Hill car park and Santa will visit Taylor’s Field, Kings Mill Road, Bracken Road to and including Briar Garth, Kings Mill Park, Newland Avenue, Mill Falls, Kings Meadow, Mill Rise, Angus Drive, Mill Falls.

● Monday 12th December – Start at Alfred Bean Hospital car park and Santa will visit Greenways, Greenlands, Bridlington Road (part), Woodland Rise, Southfield Road, Northfield Road, Eastfield Road, The Mount, Scarborough Road (part), Wansford Road (part), Manorfield Road, Manorfield Avenue.

● Tuesday 13th December – Start Anderson Street (outside the site of the old Sugar Mills) and Santa will visit The Chase, Butler Croft, Reynard’s Close, Julian Garth, Draw Close, New Walk, The Green, Wansford Road (south of level crossing), Verity Way, Bethell Walk, Easingwood Way, Mortimer Walk, Randall Garth, (The Beechwood & Meadow Road if time allows).

● Wednesday 14th December – Start at former Cattle Market and Santa will visit Eastgate South, Riverhead/Albion Street, Wansford Road (north of level crossing), New Road, Eastgate North, North Street, Lowndes Park, Middle Street North.

● Thursday 15th December – Start at entrance to Auchinleck Close and Santa will visit Auchinleck Close, Southwood Park, Little Driffield.

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