Mine’s a pint! Wilfred donates blood 121 times

Prolific blood donor Wilfred Lile has given the ultimate Christmas gift by donating his final pint of blood at the age of 85.

Wilfred, from Barmston, has donated an impressive 121 pints of blood over the past 60 years.

He gave his last donation this year at Driffield Showground and said he is happy that his donations over the years will have helped many seriously ill or injured people.

He said: “I was 25 when I first started giving blood. The doctor’s wife in Beeford was canvassing for people and I just thought ‘Why not, I’ll give it a go’.

“I carried on from there and it became part of what I did twice a year.

“I have received many certificates over the years, every time I have reached a donation milestone.

“When I was 70, I retired and was given a certificate because I had donated 85 times, however, two years later they called me back because my blood group O positive can be received by anyone with an Rh positive blood type, which means that around three in four people can benefit from the donation.

“I have always enjoyed giving blood and have never had any refused. I would have carried on but at the age of 85, they thought it was time to call it a day.”

He added that he feels it is important that people continue to give blood because you never know when you might be in need of donated blood.

He said: “I have recruited one or two other people to give blood over the years and some of those have gone on to donate for quite a while as well.

“I am proud that for 60 years I have given blood and hope other people might consider giving blood to keep the supplies topped up.”

Last month, NHS Blood and Transplant triggered an amber alert, which meant hospitals were asked to put in place management plans to protect blood stocks – this is because stock levels fell to around two days.

Stocks have now improved to above the target of six days and the amber alert has been lifted.

A spokesperson for NHS Blood and Transplant said: “We’d like to thank Wilfred for his incredible dedication and commitment over the past 60 years to reach 121 blood donations.

“He is one of our longest serving donors and will always be a part of a very special club that saves and improves lives. Out of all the people who give blood just one in a hundred will reach 100 donations.

“We always need new donors to replace those people who can no longer donate for reasons such as age, ill health and pregnancy. We especially need younger donors and male donors.

“Giving blood is amazing – and you will save lives. Become a blood donor. Register today and book an appointment by using the GiveBloodNHS app, visiting, or calling 0300 123 23 23. If you cannot book an appointment right now, please feel free to book into the new year.”

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