‘The people we are dealing with will never respect the delicate nature of this environment’

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has said a site visit will be made to Bainton’s green lane after Bainton Parish Council reported damage on a highway that should currently be closed, both before and after Christmas.

The green lane close to Leafield Road is under a full closure which means that all motor vehicles are banned from using it.

Barriers should be in place at both ends of the green lane to prevent the vehicles from accessing it.

However, pre-Christmas, there was no barrier in place at one end of the lane, with a long-awaited replacement still to be fitted by council engineers.

Additionally, the barriers at the west end of the closed section of highway was reportedly bypassed by the drivers of 4x4s who allegedly demolished a number of newly-planted trees and created huge ruts with their tyres.

Reports from a member of Bainton Parish Council also suggested that a large animal sanctuary, created by children from the village, was also destroyed.

Following the damage, the parish council contacted Cllr Michael Lee, Driffield & Rural ward councillor, demanding immediate action was taken to block off both ends of the lane and for preparation work to close and downgrade the lane permanently.

“The people we are dealing with will never respect the delicate nature of this environment and the hours of dedicated voluntary work done by our community to improve areas of the East Riding,” said a Bainton Parish Council spokesperson.

In response, Cllr Lee said he had contacted an ERYC highways official, describing the damage as ‘appalling’, and agreed to pursue the issue until action was taken.

However, when a member of the parish council walked the lane on Tuesday 3rd January, the barrier had yet to be replaced at the east end, whilst at the west end, he reported that ‘4x4s had just bulldozed two alternative routes through new trees and nature structures’.

“Over the Christmas holidays, several further 4x4s have used the lane, along with dozens of scrambling motorbikes,” he alleged.

“These bikes have also been driven along adjoining footpaths to form circular routes.”

Addressing the three ward councillors – Cllr Lee, Cllr Felicity Temple and Cllr Matt Rogers, the parish councillor said: “I would ask that not only do you instruct the officers to take immediate action, but formally start the process to close this ‘highway’ to all motorised vehicles on a permanent basis as a matter of urgency.

“Apart from the obvious damage to the environment and public safety, the continuing cost to the public purse of rectifying the ongoing damage, cannot be sustained.”

In response, East Riding of Yorkshire Council told the Wolds Weekly that a visit to the green lane will be made.

“We are aware of issues at this location and we have scheduled a site visit for next week by our area engineer,” said the spokesperson.

“We are very aware of the importance of this green lane to the local residents and to Bainton Parish Council and we will aim to rectify the situation on the visit.

“All of our teams are currently occupied with road safety issues relating to the recent cold snap and subsequent increase in road surface defects, which have necessitated emergency repairs across the East Riding.”

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