Peggy’s win is a true underdog success story

A peculiar pooch from Leven has been named the UK’s ugliest dog.

Peggy, a much-loved five-year-old cross between a pug and a Chinese crested breed, sometimes called ‘a Chug’ or ‘a Pugese’, has appeared on national TV after winning a competition.

She lives with her loving dog mum, Holly and family, in East Yorkshire. Peggy has a unique look with her hairless body and lolling tongue, making her stand out from the rest.

Holly entered pictures of Peggy looking lavish, dressed in a pearl necklace and crown, and she was the clear favourite of the judges.

She has created an Instagram account where fans can follow along with Peggy’s adventures, as she is on her way to becoming a national treasure.

Head judge Matt Dahan said: “When we launched this contest I never once thought we’d find a dog like her who manages to be both ugly and so, so cute all at the same time.”

Peggy will soon receive her prize of a makeover and pamper session at a doggie spa.

Mum of two Holly said: “We loved her the instant we laid eyes on her with her big brown eyes, little tuft of white hair and her tongue lolling out to one side. I just felt sorry for her, sat there with no hair and her tongue out.

“We didn’t set out to get a quirky dog, but an underdog. I hope it encourages people to overlook the little oddities of those dogs left on the shelf.

“Luckily, Peggy is a completely healthy and happy dog, her tongue doesn’t cause her any issues, she can eat (and she really does love to eat) and drink with no problems, and other than having to wear jumpers for warmth in colder weather and sun cream in the summer she’s exactly the same as any other dog.

“Peggy had a phantom pregnancy within the first year of us having her and although she was fine and recovered fully, her body didn’t quite bounce back. It happens to the best of us but I think this just adds to her quirky look.”

Peggy’s rise to fame is a heart-warming tale as she started life as the runt of an accidental litter, and was the last one to be homed after all her brothers and sisters were selected for adoption.

Holly said: “We came across Peggy online at the end of 2018, she was six months old and the last remaining pup of an accidental litter.

“All the other pups had new homes but I imagine people looking at her saw nothing but a high maintenance dog and the possibility of health issues.”

Peggy gained popularity and captured the hearts of the nation when she appeared on BBC Breakfast, This Morning, Channel 5 News and BBC 5 Live to help promote the contest.

However, alongside becoming a new famous face, Peggy is a vital part of Holly’s family with a kind personality to go with her adorable looks.

“From the moment Peggy arrived, she’s been a beloved addition to our family. She has grown up alongside our two boys and is the most loving, laid back and gentle dog we could ever ask for,” said Holly.

“She’s the best friend of my six-year-old, she’s been there since he was two so they are just thick as thieves.

“My eldest was a little bit embarrassed of her at first, but I think now she’s been on the telly and in the papers, he thinks she’s cool.”

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