Row over Brandesburton asphalt plant plan rumbles on

The company which wants to build a controversial asphalt plant near Brandesburton has said it is community focused, as dozens of objections to its latest proposal continue to pour in.

Newlay Asphalt’s initial application was turned down last year, but it has submitted a second attempt to develop land on Catfoss Lane.

The Dewsbury-based company declined an invitation to attend Brandesburton Parish Council’s meeting last month, saying ‘it would not perhaps be the best platform’ to share information about its planned development.

Instead, operations director Jamie Brown sent a letter outlining how the plant would work, a copy of which he has also sent to the Wolds Weekly.

The parish council has again formally objected and said the application is ‘virtually community harassment’. “The proposal is riddled with inaccuracies, false claims and contradictions,” the council claims.

However, Mr Brown says in his letter: “There does sadly seem to be something of a local furore over the application once again, despite us having taken on board the concerns and views of those opposed to the scheme and also having taken the time to speak to several local residents.

“We feel that the information being conveyed is inaccurate and misleading.”

In his letter, Mr Brown says the process of coating aggregate with bitumen is ‘a very simple one’.

He says the fuel used to dry the aggregate is a blended recycled light fuel oil, which is the only fuel used on the plant.

The fleet of delivery wagons meet emissions standards and all other company vehicles are fully electric or hybrid, Mr Brown added.

“Newlay is a small business with very close links to the local area and we are looking to provide a minimum of 12 full-time jobs and furthermore assist the local councils to reduce their carbon footprint via reduced road miles,” the letter states.

“We are very aware of those that are against the application but we are also aware that there are equally a lot of people that support it.

“We hope that by trying to get across the very simple process as outlined that it will help people be more educated and less fearful of a very clean and simple process.

“As mentioned above, we are a small business which is very much community, environment and green focused and to that end we would like to assist in supporting the local area and its parishioners and would like to extend the offer of assistance with any local projects that the council had in mind.”

Newlay Asphalt’s initial attempts to construct a facility on the former RAF Catfoss base were refused by councillors last year, after more than 400 people sent letters to oppose the plans.

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight was among those who objected, saying ‘it would have resulted in an out-of-place large scale industrial plant being built in the open countryside, destroying the rural character of the area’.

The latest application has received almost 200 objections, including a further objection from Sir Greg, who says: “My objection is on the grounds of noise, odour and pollution.

“All of these issues will make life worse for local residents and those who holiday nearby and could actually make the future of tourism in the village and its environs uncertain.”

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