Tour of Britain 2023: All the road closures along the East Riding route

Stage three of the of the Tour of Britain 2023 is set start in Goole tomorrow morning, the peloton will head to Howden, Market Weighton, and Driffield. Riders will then get a taste of British seaside life when they race through Bridlington and Hornsea before heading for the finish near Beverley Racecourse at about 3.30pm.

There will be road closures that will be in place before, during and after the race.

To keep disruption to a minimum, most road closures will be on rolling basis, only staying in place for as long as they need to as the peloton makes its way along the route.

Signs have been erected along the route to advise road users that some delays should be expected, with approximate times.

There will be fixed closures at the start in Goole and the finish in Beverley, with some in place from the evening of Monday, 4 September, so the start events can be set up.

Goole’s Estcourt Street Car Park will become the buzzing hub for the cycle teams, which means the car park, as well as Estcourt Street and Stanley Street, will close to vehicles from the Monday evening until the Tuesday evening.

To make up for the loss of parking, the one-hour parking limit will be lifted on Carlisle Steet.

Councillor Anne Handley, leader of the council, said: “We are all so excited to be hosting an entire stage of the Tour of Britain here in the East Riding.

“To make this huge event happen, and to keep riders safe, there will be some road closures in place.

“We know this may cause some disruption, which is why we are letting everyone know early so they can plan.

“This is a huge event for the East Riding, and we want everyone across the county to embrace it and join us in making it an unforgettable one.”

Below are the road closures in full, with estimated times the rolling closures will arrive at some towns and villages. For more detailed timings, visit

Fixed closures

Race start (Goole)

From 6pm on Monday, 4 September, to 6pm on Tuesday, 5 September:

  • Estcourt Street/Stanley Street and car parking area, entire length of both and full car parking area
  • Estcourt Terrace, from its junction with Stanley Street to Clock Tower Roundabout
  • Carlisle Street, from Victoria Street to Clock Tower Roundabout
  • Clock Tower Roundabout, entire length except for one lane through its southern end, between Stanhope Street and North Street
  • Boothferry Road, between Clock Tower Roundabout and Vermuyden Way

Race end (Beverley)

Tuesday, 5 September:

  • York Road, from Newbald Road to Killingwoldgraves Roundabout, from 5am-7pm
  • Newbald Road, from York Road to Killingwoldgraves Lane, from 5am-7pm
  • Molescroft Road, from Molescroft Park to New Walk, from 1pm for the duration of the events.
  • New Walk, fixed closure from 1pm for the duration of the events.
  • North Bar Without, fixed closure from 1pm-7pm
  • York Road, from North Bar Without to Newbald Road, from 1pm-7pm

Rolling Road closures across the East Riding

Tuesday, 5 September:

Goole (11:30am)

  • Mariners Street
  • Coronation Street
  • Lower Bridge Street
  • Bridge Street
  • Normandy Way
  • Andersen Road
  • Rawcliffe Road, from Andersen Road to Airmyn Road
  • Airmyn Road


  • Boothferry Road (including Boothferry Roundabout)


  • Knedlington Road

Howden (11:48am)

  • Barnhill Lane
  • Selby Road
  • Northolmby Street
  • Bridgegate, from Northolmby Street to Station Road.
  • Flatgate
  • Hull Road (including Hull Road Roundabout)
  • Thorpe Road


  • Holme Road


  • Holme Road, Between Holme Road, Eastrington and the junction with Spaldington Road
  • Spaldington Water Tower Layby
  • Spaldington Road


  • Wood Lane, between Spaldington Road and Street Lane.


  • Street Lane
  • Highfield Road, between Street Lane and Main Road, Harlthorpe


  • Main Road


  • Main Road
  • Road from Foss Dyke to Major Bridge

Holme-on-Spalding Moor (12:23pm)

  • Selby Road
  • High Street
  • New Road
  • Market Weighton Road (including Gallymore Roundabout)
  • Holme Road (including Holme Road Roundabout)

Market Weighton (12:36pm)

  • Holme Road
  • Market Place, Between junctions with Holme Road and Londesborough Road
  • Londesborough Road (including Londesborough Roundabout)


  • Kiplingcotes Road

Middleton on the Wolds (12:52pm)

  • Market Weighton Road
  • Front Street
  • Station Road

North Dalton

  • Middleton Road
  • Main Street


  • Driffield Road, Bainton (including Bainton Roundabout)


  • Kirkburn Road
  • Eastburn Road (including Kellythorpe Roundabout)


  • Driffield Road (including Driffield Road Roundabout)

Driffield (1:14pm)

  • Beverley Road
  • Middle Street South
  • Market Place
  • Middle Street North
  • North Street, from Eastgate North to Middle Street North
  • Windmill Hill
  • Scarborough Road (including Driffield Road Roundabout), from Northfield Road to Scarborough Road Roundabout


  • Scarborough Road

Langtoft (1.32pm)

  • Driffield Road
  • Front Street
  • Scarborough Road, (including Octon Roundabout)


  • High Street, Kilham

Rudston (1:44pm)

  • High Street
  • Boynton Road


  • High Street
  • Bridlington Road

Bridlington (1:59pm)

  • Easton Road
  • Well Lane Bypass (including Scarborough Road Roundabout)
  • Scarborough Road South
  • Street John Street
  • Quay Road (including Quay Road Roundabout), from Brett Street to Quay Road Roundabout
  • Station Avenue, from Quay Road Roundabout to Midway Avenue
  • Station Road
  • Hilderthorpe Road
  • South Cliff Road
  • South Marine Drive
  • Kingston Road
  • Kingsgate (inc. Kingsgate Roundabout and Wilsthorpe Roundabout), from Kingston Road to Moor Lane


  • Bridlington Road


  • Bridlington Road


  • New Cut, from Bridlington Road to Allison Lane
  • Allison Lane


  • Allison Lane
  • Skipsea Lane

Skipsea (2:20pm)

  • Bridlington Road
  • Main Street
  • Hornsea Road


  • Skipsea Road
  • Hornsea Road

Hornsea (2:32pm)

  • Atwick Road
  • Mill Lane
  • Market Place
  • Bull Ring Roundabout
  • Southgate
  • Southgate Roundabout
  • Rolston Road Roundabout
  • Rolston Road


  • Main Road


  • Main Road,


  • Main Road, Cowden


  • Hornsea Road, from where it meets/becomes Main Road, Cowden, to Withernwick Road
  • Withernwick Road


  • Aldbrough Road
  • Main Street
  • Beverley Road
  • Beverley Road


  • Withernwick Road,
  • Sigglesthorne Road, from Skirlaugh Road/Withernwick Road to Rise Lane
  • Rise Lane

Long Riston

  • Rise Lane, from where it meets/becomes Rise Lane, Rise, to its junction with Main Street
  • Main Street, from Rise Lane to where it meets/becomes Dancing Lane
  • Dancing Lane
  • White Cross Road, from Dancing Lane to White Cross Roundabout, Leven


  • White Cross Roundabout


  • Main Road (A1035)
  • Road from Holderness Drain to Routh (A1035)

Tickton (3:12pm)

  • Tickton Bypass (A1035)
  • Hull Bridge Road (A1035)

Beverley (3:17pm)

  • Hull Bridge Road (A1035) (including Swinemoor Roundabout.)
  • Grange Way (A1035) (including Driffield Road Roundabout.)
  • Driffield Road (including Molescroft Roundabout.)
  • Molescroft Road, from its junction with Molescroft Roundabout to its junction with Molescroft Park

 For more information about the Tour of Britain, visit:

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