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North Yorkshire Police is urging riders and drivers to ‘be safe’ when using the county’s road network over the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend.

North Yorkshire is home to two national parks and some of the most incredible scenery in the UK, so it’s no wonder that visitors want to flock here and use the 6,000 miles of road that the county has to offer.

There is traditionally an influx of cars and motorbikes on the road network on a Bank Holiday Weekend. But, the increase in people and vehicles also leads to more collisions.

This weekend, North Yorkshire’s roads policing officers and police volunteers will be making stops at popular meeting spots to engage with riders about how best to stay safe.

The team will discuss various topics including ride preparation and why it’s important to leave plenty of space when passing vulnerable road users.

They will also be talking about “SMIDSY” incidents. Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You! (SMIDSY!) is a phrase commonly heard by motorcyclists who have come to an abrupt halt when a vehicle pulls out in front of them.

It’s hoped that the combination of raising awareness of the campaign, the high levels of engagement and the increased patrols will help reduce the number of SMIDSY incidents this weekend.

Although engagement is a key part of police deployment, if necessary, officers will be using enforcement. An unmarked H2 Kawasaki road bike will be in use.

Fitted with blue lights, a siren and a 4K camera, this green machine is used for both engagement and enforcement.

As well as this officers will have several police bikes and cars, some of which will be marked and some unmarked as well as safety camera vans on key routes across the county.

To offer an insight into the work officers will be showing members of the public a behind the scenes view of the operation on Bank Holiday Monday.

To follow officers on patrol live, follow North Yorkshire Police on Facebook and Instagram and watch the live 24-hour view “stories”.

Roads Policing Inspector Clive Turner said: “One collision is one too many and again we will be out in force to do everything that we can to make sure that motorists in North Yorkshire get home safely this weekend.

“If you are utilising the road network then please take time to check that the vehicle that you will be using is in adequate condition and is road legal.

“Please be considerate to both other road users and pedestrians and do not take any unnecessary risks. Although engagement and education are our priorities, we will use enforcement and prosecute those who won’t abide by the law if appropriate.”

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