Doncaster ladies are dominated by Driffield

After a crushing defeat by the league leaders last Saturday, Driffield Ladies First XI were seeking redemption on their home ground this Saturday.

Driffield Ladies 1sts 6 v 1 Doncaster 

From the outset, Driffield were ruthless and relentless in attack, with Doncaster struggling to maintain the pace. Amelie Johnson and Henri Williams began pummelling the opposition on the right hand side with endless drives up the line.

Rapid distribution from Charlotte Smith in defence scuppered any attempts from Doncaster to break through Driffield’s wall.Despite rapid fire at the opposition’s goal, it wasn’t until the home side were rewarded a penalty corner that a goal was acquired.

The home side’s classic formula paid off yet again as a strike from surprise-vet Charlotte Tuplin was slipped in off the post by Henri Williams. This goal opened the floodgates for the home side. Despite her first goal being completely ignored, determined Kate Morgan drilled a reverse-stick shot onto Doncaster’s backboard.

Tireless work and positivity from Gemma Tuplin maintained the tempo of the home team’s attack which was capitalised by Anna Kitching, who slotted through the legs of the keeper.

Half time score 3-0.

The second half began in the same vein to the first. Skilled one-twos between Ashley Gate and Katy Measom opened up the left hand side of the pitch.Brutal striker Hannah Langley slammed a runaway goal home to make the score line 4-0.

However, the highlight of the match and Langley’s career so far came when, whilst facing backwards, she deflected a hit into the D into the top left corner of the goal. The crowd went wild. Driffield were not allowed to rest on their laurels: tireless work and determination from the opposition rewarded them with a penalty corner.

Stand in goal- keeper Fiona ‘Rumplestiltskin’ Tuplin managed to hold the line until eventually the visitors bobbled the ball into the goal.

The final sting in the tail for Doncaster came from agile Connie Walker, whose dramatic lunge ensured the score line finished at 6-1.

Driffield Ladies Hockey
Driffield Ladies Hockey

Girl of the Game       : Katy Measom
Donkey of the Game : Anna Kitching. (Vice-Captain)

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