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Paedophile took more than 8,000 pictures of children around Driffield

A DRIFFIELD paedophile took more than 8,000 photographs of unsuspecting children around the town to add to a catalogue of indecent images.

The disturbing photographs of young children in public places were taken by Martin Taylor, 51, as he roamed around the town with a camera targeting children under the age of 16 – including toddlers and babies.

Officers from Humberside police discovered them in a computer folder when they raided his home in Driffield and took away his computer and found a further 14,000 sick images of sexual abuse including children in satanic abuse.

Senior Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, described the indecent images as one of the worst cases of its kind. He admitted to being so emotional he could not pass sentence on Taylor until he had calmed down.

Asked why he had collected all the images, Taylor told police: “Because I like them.”
Hull Crown Court heard Taylor moved to Driffield using an assumed name.

He had originally been called Beattie amassing convictions for car theft and dishonesty last being jailed in 1987.

When Humberside Police – acting on intelligence from another force raided Taylor’s home in Auchinleck Close, Driffield, they found he had been taking pictures of local children.

Principal crown advocate Phillip Evans told the court yesterday (Wednesday) police found a folder which contained 8,272 other photographs among the disturbing images
He said: “These were photographs the defendant had taken in and around his neighbourhood, and in and around Driffield where he lives.”

“But there are children, are there?” asked the judge.

“There are children,” Mr Evans said.

“None of them are indecent so there is no legislation under which in that aspect of the case he could be prosecuted.”

The judge then began reading a summary of some of the images prepared by a police officer.
“It is a mercy I don’t have to look at these images,” he said.

Mr Evans said there were no victim impact statements, but said: “I wonder if I might make this point, your honour.”

“It is the depressing work of this and other Crown courts to hear the evidence of men and women in their late 40s and 50s telling of how the abuse experienced in childhood has led to their ruin of their lives.

“Whoever these children may be, and wherever in the world they may be, there may come a time to reflect that not only were they sexually violated by people who ought to have cherished and protected them, but also their sexual torture was captured on photographs and DVD, and will, for as long as the internet is available, be on the world wide web.”

“Once it’s there, however much people try to remove it, it’s always there,” said the judge.

“They must live with that fact,” Mr Evans said.

Judge Richardson said: “I’m not going to pass sentence today. I fairly confess, reading this material – it’s some of the worst I have read – it has so affected me I don’t consider it would be right for me to pass sentence today.
“I want to think very carefully about this.”

Defence barrister Paul Norton, for Taylor, said he accepted this was a serious case and the judge would be considering a higher starting point for sentence than usual. However, he urged the judge to consider sending him on the Northumbria Sex Offenders’ Programme.

He said “Sending him to prison will have a significant impact on his life. He wanted to move and put his house on the market. He wanted to move to a remote location. However since he declared these offences he had been declined house and car insurance. He has had to take his house off the market.”

Taylor pleaded guilty six counts of possessing and making indecent images at a hearing in Beverley. He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on Tuesday.


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