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A single mother from Driffield who travels around the world with her three-year-old daughter is hoping to inspire others to do the same by chronicling her journey through an online travel blog.

26-year-old Emily Lancaster Collinson and her three-year-old daughter Sienna have recently returned from a five-week trip to the USA and after a whistle-stop visit to the UK, the pair will start a new adventure when they move to Lisbon in May.

Emily’s globetrotting began when, aged 18, she moved from her home in Montgomery Square to become an au pair in France before trips to Spain and Chile, where she fell pregnant with Sienna, who was born in Nottingham.

Sienna took her first trip abroad to France when she was four-months-old and has since visited eight countries and travelled on 30 flights.“I always enjoyed going on holiday and learning different languages whilst growing up,” said Emily.

“I moved to France as an au pair when I was 18 and stayed there when I signed up to university, which is when I met Sienna’s dad.

“From there, I lived in Spain for a year and then moved onto to Chile before coming back to Nottingham where I gave birth to Sienna.

“I soon realised that I could take Sienna along with me on my travels. After France, we then went to Spain at six months and Italy at seven months.

“At eight months, we moved out to Chile to join her dad who had been over to England for Sienna’s birth but had to leave when she was three months old because of visa difficulties.

“So far, Sienna has been to eight countries and when we recently headed out to Ireland, it marked her 30th flight.

“Travel is now just so natural to Sienna, she gets excited about visiting different people, taking different kinds of transport and visiting different places.”

Having originally intended to start her blog – Shine A Life – as a hobby to showcase her experiences of travelling solo with a child, Emily saw the success other bloggers were enjoying and decided to embark on a full-time career in the industry and attract international brands to promote their business on her trilingual page.

“My website, shinealife.com, recently relaunched on 17th February, which was the final day in my previous full-time position working as a French Credit Controller for Timberland in Nottingham, and is written in English, French and Spanish,” said Emily.

“I am trilingual and do all of the translations myself.

“I am currently establishing a relationship with English, French and Spanish-speaking brands across the globe in order to promote them and thus monetize the content of the blog.

”With the blog fully up and running, the duo are making plans to start a new life in Lisbon with the aim being for both to be fluent in four languages by the time Sienna is four in December.“

As Sienna is half-Chilean, I have been teaching her Spanish and she is now bilingual.“I try to teach her some French too and we are about to relocate to Lisbon this May so that we can both learn Portuguese.

“The aim is that at least I and hopefully Sienna will be quadrilingual by the time Sienna is four this December.“The whole project is fuelled by the desire to have more time with my daughter.

“She isn’t in school yet and I want to make the most of this time we have together and teach her as much as I can before it is compulsory for her to be in full-time education.

“I feel that travel is a fantastic educational experience for children, known as world schooling and I hope that Sienna will always embrace people from different backgrounds and cultures.”

To follow Emily and Sienna’s travelling exploits, visit their page at www.shinealife.com in English, French or Spanish, their Facebook page,  their Instagram page www.instagram.com/shinealife or their Pinterest www.pinterest.com/shinealife

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