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Lyke Wake Walk in support of Ruby

Report by James Richardson

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Employees and business associates of Lissett-based company CB Solutions are lacing up their walking boots to take on the Lyke Wake Walk to raise money for Yorkshire-based charity Candlelighters in support of a co-worker whose daughter, Ruby, is suffering from a form of cancer.

The 12 walkers will begin the approximately 42-mile challenge at 7pm on Friday (23rd June) with the aim to navigate their way across the North Yorkshire Moors from Osmotherley to Ravenscar in under 24 hours, whilst at the same time, they hope to achieve their fundraising target of £1,750 for Candlelighters, an organisation which has provided fantastic support to Ruby’s family throughout her battle against the disease.

Having been told the news by Ruby’s dad in October 2016, CB Solutions’ Business Development Manager, Kerry-Anne Taylor, said the company were keen to do anything they could to support the family.

“Martin (Ruby’s dad) has worked for CB Solutions for a year and a half and his brother, Mark, has also worked here for a very long time as well, so the family is particularly close to CB Solutions,” explained Kerry-Anne.

“Martin made us aware back in October 2016 that his daughter had been diagnosed with a form of cancer – Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After being told the news, we wanted to do as much as we could to support Martin and his family. They have found support in a charity called Candlelighters which is a Yorkshire based charity and for us, as a company, we are all about supporting and employing local people.

“We wanted to support Candlighters and the first fundraising event we wanted to do was the Lyke Wake Walk. It’s a real challenge and we have a social club here anyway, so we knew that we would get lots of people onboard as they enjoy this type of outdoor pursuit. We knew that we could make a success of this and having already reached 87% (as of Wednesday 14th June) of our first fundraising target, which was £1,750, we are on track to achieve something good.”

The challenge of walking throughout the night is one of the unique elements of the
Lyke Wake Walk and was one of the reasons the participants chose to do it as opposed to some of the more generic fundraisers the group could have planned.

2017 also marks 10 years since CB Solutions’ Sports and Social Club last completed the walk and those taking part are hoping for similar success this time around. “As I have already explained, CB Solutions have a social club so we knew we would get lots of interest in the Lyke Wake Walk,” continued Kerry-Anne.

“It’s around 42 miles of walking throughout the night and it’s a really good event that people will sponsor. It’s something a little bit different as well. You quite often hear of people jumping out of planes but the Lyke Wake Walk is something different, particularly as it is done during the night.

“Also, CB Solutions’ Sports and Social Club did the Lyke Wake Walk 10 years ago so it marks the anniversary of that as well.

“We’ve got 12 people taking part, who are a mix of employees alongside others from different organisations including a company called Comar, who we buy all our aluminium from. They are one of the main sponsors and have decided to take part. Paul Dennis, one of Martin’s friends, who works for Marshalls in Hull, is also doing the walk and the firm have donated a substantial amount of money as well.”

It’s not just the 12 walkers, many of whom have been training for the event, who will be making their way across the North Yorkshire Moors though, with several support drivers, including Kerry-Anne, required to provide the trekkers with much-needed refreshments at various stopping stations along the route.

“My dad (Chris Burrell) is taking people in his car and we’ve also got a Transit van and a minibus,” said Kerry-Anne.

“Everyone has a role to play as in addition to the 12 walkers, there are three or four of us who are supporting them. We will be leaving Lissett at around 4pm and aiming to get to the start for around 7pm, have a refreshment break and then set off. Along the way, there are various points where the support drivers will be waiting in convoy to make cups of tea.

“We have been really lucky that the auntie of one of our other employees, Emma Clappison, owns a company called Blancmange and she has sponsored £100 worth of food for everyone. So, at all the stops we will be able to refresh the walkers with food. We are aiming to complete the walk at around 2pm the next day, fingers crossed.

“Everyone seems to be looking forward, with some of the walkers in particular excited and have been taking part in some training behind the scenes including some 20-mile walks which have been a little bit of a reality check for some. Some of the walkers have also been running and biking, so everyone is taking it seriously.”

Throughout the course of the challenge, the walkers and those in the support vehicles will be wearing special t-shirts with the logos of every business that has sponsored over £100 and everyone taking part would like to extend their thanks to the companies.

“We’d just like to thank all the local companies who have supported the event. Any donation is important, especially as Candleighters are a local charity and the support they have given to the family is just incredible, such as providing them with a holiday to Centre Parcs, something that was just so unexpected.

“We put together a campaign where anyone that donated £100 or more would be given greater visibility on the t-shirts and on our social media pages.

These companies are –

  • Ward Flooring Ltd
  • T B Clappison Ltd
  • Game Engineering Ltd
  • MPBI
  • Foxy Rentals Ltd
  • Portable Offices
  • Blancmange Catering Services
  • Vertical Networking.

If you would like to add to CB Solutions fundraising total in aid of Candlelighters, you can do so on their JustGiving page at: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/candlelightersruby

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