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Kerry aiming to help move company forward

Report by James Richardson

Kerry Taylor, recently appointed Managing Director of Lissett-based company CB Solutions, is looking forward to leading the firm and taking it into a new era. Her appointment at the start of the year follows her father, Chris Burrell’s desire to focus on developing and innovating products, though he will remain as owner and founder with overall control of the business.

CB Solutions has evolved considerably over the past 18 months and product development is now high on the agenda for the modular building specialists as they continue an upward trajectory.

This is where Chris’ focus will lie as a specialist in research, design and development of components for modular buildings. “My dad Chris (Burrell) is a time-served joiner and this is predominately where most of his interests now are,” said Kerry, speaking to the Wolds Weekly shortly after her appointment.

“He has created a fantastic business and is now ready to start winding down with regards to the day-to-day management and driving all areas of the business.

“The modular building industry is becoming ever more challenging and we want to remain at the forefront of that. “It is one of our company objectives to invest in product development and this is my dad’s area of expertise, so this role is perfect for him.

“Doing this role will also allow him to remain in ultimate control, as myself and the rest of the Senior Management Team drive the company.

“We are required to report to him on a quarterly basis about all areas of the business and submit proposals that require decisions that remain within his directorship.

“This restructure will see the senior managers come together and allow us to drive further expansion and development in accordance with our budget and targets to enable us to remain highly competitive in the industry.

“We need constant progression to be ahead of the game and market leaders to make sure our competitors are kept on their toes.

“It is important we do not become complacent following a rapid growth period over the past 18 months.”

Echoing his daughter’s thoughts, Chris, who lives in Little Driffield and turned 60 in 2017, said that as he enters the latter days of his working life, having worked all over the world, concentrating on developing specific components for the modular building industry is an area he would like to develop and is looking forward to.

“As Kerry said, I’m a time-served joiner and served my apprenticeship with Barker and Grantham’s in Brandesburton, a company we still work closely with to this day” he said.

“I left there when I was 21 and travelled the world, working on projects in war-torn Bosnia and working after the earthquakes in Japan teaching displaced people how to build temporary modular homes.

“Since establishing CB Solutions, I have always been involved in developing products, but as the Managing Director I never had the time to explore the innovation of specific products to the extent I have always wanted to.

“Due to the lack of skill in the industry, I am going to be concentrating on ‘pre-finished products’ which are easy to assemble using semiskilled labour.

“With offsite construction leading the way for modular, I believe this is hugely important.

“We’ve recently invested in pre-finishing lines and additional CNC machinery. “For our customers, this means lower assembly costs and a quicker offsite process.“

It wasn’t always the plan for Kerry to move into my role.

“She joined us shortly after being made redundant after serving 10 years at a Hull secondary school.

“Kerry is very much like me and extremely ambitious and very grounded. “She has good commercial knowledge as she studied Business and Law and with a strong and committed Senior Management Team alongside her, I have a very good team leading my company and livelihood.

“Her appointment to Managing Director enables me to step aside from the day-to-day operations confidently knowing that Kerry, with her colleagues, will look after my best interests.”

Since joining the company, Kerry has progressed from Business Development Manager into the position of Managing Director and has developed a broad knowledge of the business.Throughout her time at CB Solutions, Kerry has worked alongside other experienced employees, from whom she has gathered industry specific knowledge and will continue to do so


Handing over the reins:- Chris Burrell with his daughter Kerry Taylor

Kerry also told the Wolds Weekly of the personal achievement of being employed in an industry in which just a small percentage of employees are female. “In the construction industry, just 11 per cent are women and most of that percentage are in secretarial roles, whilst in manufacturing it is around 15 per cent,”

“I’m very much looking forward to my new challenge. I’ve had a good transition into it.“I had to concentrate on learning about our products and getting to know our customers during the early months of my employment.

“From there, I moved into general management, which gave me a broader sense of knowledge in HR, production and the company finances.“It is a great accolade to take on the role of leading the business. “I am greatly excited about the future, particularly as I work directly alongside three highly-skilled colleagues who have at least 50 years of industry knowledge between them.

“The senior management team has been working on plans for the next three years. “We believe we have a good and achievable plan with regards to our expansion and development and we are all excited about the implementation of many of the key areas to the plans, especially the relocation of our UPVC factory.

“One of the first objectives of the plan was to create a new Door Shop Factory with automated spray-lines for the assembly of our timber fire doors and self-assembly door-sets. “We are pleased to say that the opening of the factory is fast approaching.

“Our Operations Director is currently working on the process flow within the new factory as Lean Manufacturing is becoming ever more important to us. “Once this is complete we will be ready to begin moving our Door Shop team into their new premises.

“Other objectives include; to become leaner, increase our turnover, increase our market share across all products, improve our sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint.

“As a registered self-supplier, we already house a biomass centre and chip and burn all our FSC timber waste, which in turn heats our full premises. “Creating further employment opportunities is also within our plans. Currently over half of our staff live within a 10-mile radius.

“We have always been committed to providing training and development opportunities for our local community and will continue to explore this particularly with the MPBA (Modular Portable Building Association).

“However we have recently seen the appointment of staff residing further afield and it is nice to see that we are also considered a desirable place to work and people are happy to make a greater commute to us.”



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