Prolific A1079 speeder fined £2491 and banned for 10 years

Average speed cameras catch same driver speeding dozens of times over months

41-year-old Jaroslaw Mista of Anlaby Road in Hull appeared at Hull Magistrates Court on Wednesday 11th July.   Facing nearly Twenty charges for speeding offences on the A1079.

Jaroslaw Mista had been detected on the average speed cameras which were installed along the A1079 in 2016.  He was recorded speeding a number of times at similar times over a period of several months.

The Humberside Police Central Ticket Office which deals with speeding motorists issued notices to Mr Mista but he failed to respond. Subsequent enquiries identified his place of work and officers were sent to this location where he was questioned about the offences.

When the case came to court last Wednesday the judge made comments that his driving was disgraceful, and that he obviously had no regards for the laws in this country and that he did not deserve a driving licence.

Jaroslaw Mista was disqualified for holding or obtaining a driving licence for 10 years and was fined a total of £2491.00. After 10 years, should he wish to apply for a licence he must sit an extended test.

Facts on A1079 average speed cameras
Fixed safety cameras were first installed in 2006 as the A1079 was highlighted as one of the “worst roads in the UK” due to its collision history by EuroRAP.

  • The new average speed cameras were installed in 2016 and cover approximately 23km.
  • Since their installation we have detected 2,799 speed offences.
  • There are sixteen points along the A1079 where speed is measured. Since enforcement started on this section of the A1079 the number of crashes have been reduced and the road was rated at one of the “most improved roads” by EuroRAP.

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