Speed, colour and noise as Driffield hosts British flyball championships

Entry and parking for spectators is free!

The biggest event in the calendar of the UK’s fastest growing and exhilarating dog sport is to take place at Driffield Showground over the next three days.

The British Flyball Association Outdoor Championships will come to Kelleythorpe from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th August, an event which brings the sport’s 2019 season to a close and celebrates the organisation’s 25th anniversary.

The Championships bring together the UK’s top 80 clubs who have qualified for the finals with 200 teams, 2,000 competitors, ranging from five to 80 years of age and over 1,000 dogs filling the Showground.

Flyball is a team sport which came to the UK from the USA and is renowned for its fast, colourful and noisy style and the added focus on fun has made it one of the most popular events at Crufts after making its debut at the dog show in 1990.

Two teams of four dogs of any breed race head to head in parallel lines, jumping four hurdles, the height of which are determined by the smallest dog on the team, known as the height dog, before reaching a box.

Upon reaching the box, the dogs perform a turn and a tennis ball is launched which must be caught and returned to the dog’s handler.
The first team to have all four dogs finish the course without any errors is the winner.

As in any other relay race, speed and timing are the two most important aspects, something which is difficult as the dogs pass each other shoulder to shoulder in a space no more than four foot wide.

The championships commence on the Friday with speed trials before head to head racing on the Saturday and Sunday.

The current flyball world record for a four-dog team is 14.182 seconds and spectators will be able to witness some of the fastest, fittest and best trained dogs in action over the three days of competition.

“We are so excited to bring the Outdoor Championships to Driffield for the first time,” said British Flyball Association Chairman, David Murdoch.

“It’s the culmination of both a fantastic year of outdoor competitions and a celebration of 25 years of flyball in the UK.

“So, we are looking forward to a weekend of world class racing at this very special venue.”

The weekend will include a market selling a variety of dog and animal related products along with a range of food and drink stalls.

Entry and parking for spectators is free.

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