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MP to wait for police verdict before passing judgement

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has declined to say if Prime Minister Boris Johnson still has his support.

Sir Greg admitted ‘behaviour within government premises was not always up to standard’ during the lockdowns over the past two years.

But when asked by the Wolds Weekly if he still supported the Prime Minister, or if he was considering submitting a letter of no confidence, he did not address the issue.

As a lawyer, I believe that passing final judgement at this interim juncture is premature.

Sir greg knight

Instead, he said he was waiting for the outcome of the police inquiry into parties and other activities before passing judgement.

Last month, the Wolds Weekly asked Sir Greg for his reaction to events in Downing Street during the lockdown, and he said he was waiting for Sue Gray to publish her report.

An interim version of her report was published last week, so, on behalf of his consitituents, we asked again for a response on recent events and Sir Greg’s thoughts on the behaviour in Downing Street during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Sir Greg replied: “At present we only have an interim report from the senior civil servant, Sue Gray.

“Her provisional view is that the behaviour of staff at Number 10 did not meet ‘the high standards expected of the entire British population.”

The report concluded that the garden at 10 Downing Street was used for gatherings without clear authorisation or oversight, which was ‘not appropriate’.

She also stated that there was a ‘blurring of lines of accountability’.

Sir Greg told the Wolds Weekly that he wanted more information before making his conclusions.
“We still do not have full details of all events.

“This is because although initially saying that they were not going to investigate, the Metropolitan Police subsequently changed their minds and are now so doing.

“As there is now an on-going police investigation, Ms Gray was unable to publish her report in full.

“In his statement to the House of Commons, the Prime Minister has accepted Sue Gray’s provisional findings, has apologised for what took place and has also said that he understands the anger that some people feel.

“He has also said that lessons will be learned, and changes will be made to how Downing Street and the Cabinet Office are run.

“In particular, a new ‘Office of the Prime Minister’ will be created with a Permanent Secretary to lead operations at Number 10.

“I welcome the recognition at this stage that behaviour within government premises was not always up to standard and that changes will be made to create greater accountability.

“However, the scrutinising of the evidence is not yet complete, and the results of the police investigation are still awaited, after which it is expected that Sue Gray’s full report will also be published.

“For these reasons, as a lawyer, I believe that passing final judgement at this interim juncture is premature.

“Together with many other Members of Parliament who wish to base a conclusion on all of, and not part of, the facts, I look forward to the police inquiry being completed and published swiftly, so a final conclusion to this matter can be arrived at.”

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